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Wild Photos That Show The True Scale Of Things

Most people don’t really think about the perspective of things until they compare them to the “norm”. One might have seen an elephant in photographs and they may even know how big they are. But only once they’re standing next to one do they feel the size of the animal.

Or, put into perspective, a tight rock ledge someone’s shimmying across — only once you compare the length of his feet to the length of the ledge do you understand just how perilous it is.

This little fella sure looks like the Pokemon Caterpie. You can find this big guy in North America deep south where he can grow more than 5 inches in length. You can see them crawling up trees in the summer.

They all reach a point in their lives where they give up their caterpillar form and eventually become beautiful regal moths. We still prefer their Pokemon form though.

Many people know The Mountain from Game of Thrones. But not as many know the actor for other achievements. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is a professional strongman and stands at a hulking 6 feet 9 inches and weighs 440 pounds. Anyone that stands next to him is dwarfed by his stature including the person he married, Kelsey Henson.

We just hope that Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has learned how to hug his wife without accidentally crushing her. The photo makes her look like a child.

Now imagine you’re getting some peace and quiet out on a fishing trip with your good friends. Now suddenly you feel a shift in the water as behemoth swims underneath your boat which you thought was a good size until now.

Now, something finally makes The Mountain seem small. A male blue whale can grow up to 30 meters long and weigh an incredible 330,000 pounds! The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet.

They also have a pretty adorable alternate name – palm thief. Coconut crabs are part of the hermit crab family which is funny since normal hermit crabs fit in the palm of your hand. Palm thieves can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh 9 pounds.

They look almost out of a horror movie. Thankfully you won’t be seeing these guys all that often since they prefer less populated areas where they can steal all the coconuts they desire.

Now, this seems like Bram Stoker’s Dracula bat. Without its enormous wings, it does look more like a fox more than a bat. That’s because this is in fact a golden-crowned flying fox. They have the angled snout and ears of a fox, as well as the brownish-gold fur.

The sad part about these guys is that they’re an endangered species. This is because of two reasons: they have to compete with us for their main source of food which is fruit and because of poaching.

Now having a dog is great, but imagine have a Flemish Giant rabbit scampering around the house? its paws are probably the same size as that of a Border Collie. The animals themselves are usually calm and collected and make good pets if looked after right.

Their size is very dog comparable at 4 feet in length and weighing 15 pounds. Now, why wouldn’t you want one of these furry fellas hopping onto your lap in front of the TV on a cold night?

These little guys are so small! There must be hundreds on the beach that go unnoticed. Depending on what time in the day it is these guys have the incredible ability to change color to camouflage and hide from predators.

Ghost crabs prefer sticking to the beach and hunt there. What does this guy hunt? I can’t imagine him fitting much into his tiny mouth. Just catching something is probably a hassle for him.

If this tree falls while no one’s in the forest I think it would definitely make a sound with its massive size. These trees grow upwards of 380 feet tall and are 30 feet in diameter. I wouldn’t want one of these falling my way anytime soon.

Redwoods are an ancient species of trees that live more than 1,800 years. These amazing trees can be spotted from miles away growing at the coastal areas of northern California and Oregon.

Now imagine if this anchor were to hit something on the hit as it descended to the ocean floor. It would surely leave a bruise! The anchor weighs around 30 tons and the chain links that hold it weigh 500 pounds each.

Bigger ships need anchors this big with the current of the ocean always pulling and tugging at them. Nobody wants their boat to drift away into the horizon, especially if you’re stuck on it.

This is actually a really small computer. Imagine trying to keep track of that thing. Now what’s next to it is in fact a grain of rice! A grain of rice is normally about 7 millimeters long while this teeny computer is only 0.33 millimeters wide.

How would one make sure it doesn’t get lost? It looks impossible for even the most careful of people to not lose this thing.

I wonder if Marlin would be as used to these jellyfish stings as he is with the normal-sized jellies in Finding Nemo. Lion’s mane jellyfish are the largest of their species, getting to be as long as 120-feet.

I’m a water person, but if I ever saw those long tentacles and huge bell swimming under me I would be sprinting towards the shoreline. Somehow, these giant sea creatures are not toxic to humans. Yay for that small mercy!

Nope. All of South America needs to be evacuated from any and all places anaconda’s reside. These snakes can grow upwards to 25-feet in length with 550 pounds of muscle. That’s large enough to overpower a fully grown crocodile. Have I said nope already?

Even though these creatures are more agile in the water, I still think that worker is standing way too close to its head for the sole reason of getting a picture for Instagram.

Even though they’re not harmful to humans, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t freak out if I saw this leatherback turtle swimming under me. I mean, they can grow upwards to 7-feet and weigh1,540 pounds. That’s just too much creature for comfort.

Not exactly the cute, green, hardshell sea turtle one would typically picture. Albeit terrifying, seeing this leathery guy in the wild would surely be quite the experience!

Now this baby turtle is more my speed, and it’s not just because he is staring at that raspberry exactly as I stare at chocolate lava cake. Okay, maybe the like-mindedness makes me feel for the little guy. It can’t be easy being a small turtle in this big world. Way too many predators to be wary of — Killer whales anyone?

As long as he keeps staring intently at that little berry, we’ll make sure he stays safe!

I’ve found busted-up frisbees, abandoned pens, and every form of plastic imaginable, but never have I stumbled across something as memorizing as this gigantic piece of driftwood. As Instagram-worthy as this driftwood is, it makes you wonder where it could have possibly come from.

There are trees on a mountain in the background of the photo. Perhaps it fell off the top ages ago and just now made its way back to shore? Oh, the questions that keep me up at night.

Excuse me while I go faint. Having to sneeze would be such a predicament on this rock face. I’m not sure if the name, Thank God Ledge, is appropriate or just downright ironic. I’d have named it “Oh, God” because that is the only thing that would be coming out of my mouth. Well, besides the distinct sound of my impending hyperventilation.

I hope all of the adrenaline junkies know what they’re doing free-climbing this zero-barrier, 5-12-inch wide ledge.

Standing on its own, this dog looks big, but you really see just how big it is when this woman is beside them! This dog is a Tibetan Mastiff, an ancient flock guardian dog breed that can be found around China, Tibet, Nepal and Central Asia.

They have gorgeous, fluffy coats and can reach a height of 33 inches! Generally they weigh between 100-160 lbs. They’re protective of their owners so if you want a big fluffy guard dog, a Tibetan Mastiff might be for you!

Hippopotamus are large animals! On average, adult males weigh 3,310 lbs and females weigh 2,870 lbs. Even though they’re big creatures, they’re able to run an impressive 30 mph. However when they’re young, hippos can be pretty small!

Take a look at this baby with her mama. When hippos are about to give birth, they retreat to be alone, and return after 10-14 days. Baby hippos are born underwater and weight between 55 and 110 lbs at birth.

Take a look at this wild boar! This big boar and their offspring were spotted going through a dumpster in Hong Kong. Not just any dumpster, but one alongside an elementary school! Hopefully whoever took this photo warned the school that there was a big hungry boar outside.

Wild boars are so strong, they can lift 40-50 lb rocks with their snouts. Males average 165-220 lbs in weight with canine teeth as long as 4.7 inches.

Well, we sure hope there aren’t people out there trying to hunt for one of these beasts! Whoever is the predator to crocodiles this big scare us even more!

We know that the woman inside that glass tank isn’t afraid, or else she wouldn’t have done it, but we’re scared for her. If anything were to happen it’s almost a sure thing that she would become this croc’s lunch. Hopefully, you don’t ever have to encounter anything like this.

The wombat this woman has in her possession is larger than life. It’s just about as big as her, and that’s for sure. We wonder if it easily intimidates any of the other animals it encounters.

This thing almost looks like it could be a Pokemon. All it needs is some special attacks and a cool name. Coming into contact with one of these would likely send us into shock for a couple of seconds.

What you see here is the heart of a blue whale. This creature is massive so it makes sense that the heart would be three times the size of a full-grown human being.

In fact, this is the size of a Ford Fiesta! A heart that’s as big as a car is mind-boggling. To get all the blood going through their bodies, this is the only size heart that would be acceptable to have for a blue whale.

What we have here is the same amount in $100 and $1 bills. The big stack is what you figure the money-makers take with them to the explicit clubs, and the small stack is what you take home after a good night at the casino.

They’re both the same amount so it doesn’t matter either way. The only difference is you’d have to do a whole lot more counting if you’re dealing with the $1 bills opposed to the $100.

Think about how long it takes for a flight from one coast to the other coast. It takes a while and we start to think that the Earth is this vast sphere.

The truth is, the Earth is smaller than many other planets and the sun. What you’re looking at is the number of Earth’s that would be able to fit inside our solar system’s sun! That’s insane, isn’t it? That’s why we get so hot in the summer.

Some people despise birds. Others think they aren’t real. Well, just be lucky that you weren’t alive whenever the largest flying creature to live was around, regardless of how you feel about winged creatures.

This guy is at least four times taller than the man standing next to it. With one gulp, it can swallow that person and maybe even three extra. Imagine if this thing was still out there somewhere. How would we be able to live with it?

Pieces of art from the Renaissance to the Romanticism era were all intriguing. It’s not like artwork these days isn’t, but artists back then had a different outlook on life and less technology.

One of the greats of all-time, Michelangelo, created this David. We don’t know what scale he used, but what if David was really this big? He’s towering over the construction worker to the point that she needs assistance trying to do anything with the beast.

It’s a warm summer day and you’re taking a stroll through the park, minding your business. You hear the birds chirping, you see the squirrels climbing, then out of nowhere you see the winged creature.

It’s an eagle and it looks hungry. The eagle swoops down and scoops up a mouse with its large talons! You don’t ever have to wonder again how they’re able to pick up small dogs after seeing this. They’re probably capable of picking up toddlers as well.

Okay, we always drive past these things that hang in the air, but since they’re so high up, we have no way of telling how large they are. With this image, now we do.

We had no clue that these things were so massive! The infrastructure that holds them up need to be secure or else the traffic light can come crashing down. If one of these lands on your car, your car is toast.

Grab your salt, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found you the ultimate snail. We’re so used to seeing tiny snails crawl across the dew-filled grass, if we came across one of these, we wouldn’t know what to do!

This lady seems to be fine holding it up with one hand. We wonder if the size of it makes it faster or did it get slower? Hopefully, it became faster so it can get away from anyone in the mood for snail.


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