People Who Grew Up Rich Share What They Thought Was Normal Growing Up

"Getting a car the day you turn 16, traveling outside the country, not having to work unless you want to, getting a new wardrobe every few months, getting checks for $500+ every birthday.

For the longest time, I thought this was really normal and something most people had." -Reddit user sonialm

"We had steak for dinner four or five days a week — so much that my brother and I got so sick of it.

I didn’t understand the draw of steakhouses and only having steak on a special occasion." -Reddit user AllDogsGoToReddit

"I thought all houses cost at least a million dollars. Where I come from, that's not a mansion — it's just the cost of a regular house.

Or it was when I was a kid in the '90s; now everything's at least two million." -Reddit user ultimate_ampersand

"Taking a taxi anywhere whenever you want.

Buying cereal ($8.99) or paper towels ($4) in the Gristedes in NYC." -Reddit user ninster22

"When you've travelled so much by the age of 14 that you don't want to get near an airport again." —Reddit user sourcefinancialinc

"Didn't know until I was far too old that not every family went on vacations several times a year and had multiple guest rooms." —Reddit user livvylu20

"Having my parents take all school holidays off with us to travel and adventure. Sometimes they even extended our school breaks by a week or two if we were going somewhere that took a day or two of travel to reach.

I couldn’t take that much time off work now, plus pay the costs for traveling and not be broke!"

-Reddit user rungtaasha

"I didn't know that it wasn't normal to always take a stretch limo to the airport like my family did." -Reddit user dvnrscsy

"We had a maid.

I didn't realize everyone else didn't." —Reddit user Inquisitive-Diver99

"Often having additions put on the house.

My dad's ideology was that if he was going to stay in the house for the rest of his life, might as well make it bigger." —Reddit user Skrrattaa 

"Having a pool. Everyone always wanted to come over to use it.

Doesn't everyone else have a pool? Oh..." —Reddit user PM_ME__PREDICTIONS

"Vacations, big time. Getting a new car every three to six years. Being unable to understand why people wanted to raise taxes.

Country clubs and $50,000-plus weddings. Being able to afford maids, accountants, and being in contact with a lawyer constantly. Blindly accepting capitalism with fervent spirit." —Reddit user Upstairs_Cow

"The ability to hang out on a yacht out in the middle of the ocean on a beautiful day, playing checkers with your grandpa."  -Reddit user The_Eleventh_Hour

"A private jet. We would always charter a private jet when flying for vacations or to visit relatives in other states. I would see all of the other jets at the airport, but just assumed that they were just much bigger private jets.

I would actually be pretty jealous as I would imagine my family flying in such a large plane and having all that room. Turns out those were commercial flights with very little room at all. I was 15 when I finally realized this." -Reddit user tomd82

"A country club membership.

We were only allowed at the pool though unless we had one of our parents with us."  -Reddit user Ohsoeasy