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People Share Their Real-Life Wedding Disasters

1. That Was A Bad Idea

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. But the’s always a chance that someone or something will ruin it.  From cheating grooms to evil mothers-in-law, these stories will leave you speechless!

I went to a wedding where they tried to use a Bluetooth speaker for the ceremony music in an area that had poor cell reception.

Didn’t assign who should start or stop the music either. This resulted in the music cutting in and out the whole entrance.

During the exit, the bride turned around in the middle of the aisle to shout, to no one in particular, “Can someone PLEASE start my music?!!”



2. Belly Dance

The bride said she had a surprise for the groom, so she disappeared, the groom got sat in the middle of the dance floor, and the bride came back to do a seductive belly dance for him.

In front of their whole families and friends. Neither of them is even remotely Middle Eastern. It was so, so bad.



3. Knife Attack

The groom attacked his new brother-in-law to death…with the knife used to cut the wedding cake, no less. You really can’t make this stuff up.



4. Uhm, No

The bride (my cousin) told me to quit my new job so that I could be there for her after she decided to throw together a wedding in three months.

I was already spending so much money, and time, so she figured I could sacrifice my career, too.



5. Abusive Father

Saw the groom punch (with a fist) his 6-year-old son before forcing him into a car(the driver was still inside) while the bride screamed at him to stop. The son had been diagnosed with ADHD earlier the same day.

And all this because the poor kid wanted to say goodbye to his mommy.



6. Mic Dropped

I once went to a wedding where the bride got back at her cheating groom in the most ingenious way possible.

In the final moments of a Jewish wedding, after the marriage was finalized and all official, the bride straight-up runs into the crowd and says, “I’m divorcing my husband for sleeping with my sister”! Here’s why this was great.

I’m not Jewish, but apparently, once you’re married in that faith, the bride or groom cannot marry or remarry someone related to the previous wife or something like that.

So, this bride not only publicly humiliated her cheating groom and her sister by outing them. She also sealed the fact that they can never ever be together. Mic dropped.



7. An Unforgettable Ceremony

My buddy had a wedding about 15 years ago. We thought he had found the perfect woman, she was so nice all the time, hot as a bonfire, and from what we understood from manly banter as well as her own jokes at the poker table, amazing in bed.

Wedding time comes round, “Does anyone have a lawful objection”? From there, everything unraveled.

His dad objects because he hadn’t found a way to tell everyone that he cheated on my buddy’s mom decades ago. But get this: the “other woman” was the bride’s mother.

And guess what? The bride was my buddy’s half-sister. Apparently, only the parents knew the truth. A DNA test later confirmed it. Now my friend is in therapy because “the best love and lay of my life was my sister”!



8. An Inebriated Fistfight

I’m a part-time wedding planner. The bachelor party and the bachelorette party were being held in the same hotel in New Orleans.

I tried to get them to do separate venues but nooooo, the group discount would cover an extra day in Carmel. They begin at 8 pm and collide at about 3 am. It was some kind of inebriated fistfight that turned…intimate?

Everyone was so ashamed the next morning they called it off. They made up six months later and got married. They picked something simple, like their backyard, this time.



9. Not Coming

I work in wedding bars, and I’ve seen some disastrous marriages, but I’ll never forget this one: I saw a wedding where the bride was running extremely late.

You could cut the tension with a knife. In the end, she texted the groom 15 minutes before they were supposed to get married, saying, “Sorry, but I’m not coming.”

It was super depressing. The guests went ahead with the “party,” but the groom was broken-hearted and ended up leaving at around half 7, the rest of the guests at 10.

What had happened was the bride had spent all day with her parents the day before. They apparently hated her husband-to-be and had convinced her not to show up to the wedding.

The last thing I heard was she came to his door the next morning and apologized, they’re still together as far as I know…Man was that an awkward work night.



10. The Ex

The ex-girlfriend of the groom showed up at the wedding…uninvited and inebriated. He broke up with her 10 years earlier and had not seen her in over eight years.

She was loud and said very graphic things about what she wanted to do to the groom. The bride, who’s normally a calm and peaceful person, steps up—and absolutely loses it. She goes all out and punches the ex in the face.

This tiny woman knocks her husband’s ex out cold. A few of us carry the ex out of the reception and drop her at her apartment about 20 minutes away. The bride told my wife that “there is nothing that will ruin my wedding day”.



11. Just A Car Accident

I had a bride walk into the bridal salon where I worked to pick up her wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, etc.

She was in a bad mood and proceeded to tell me and my co-workers why. “I am SO ticked off that one of my bridesmaids won’t be able to attend my wedding.”

All of us answered, “why”?! We were super concerned. Her reply was so disturbing it’s impossible to forget.

She said, “Her brother got in a car accident or something, and there were some fatalities.” She then proceeded to roll her eyes and said, “I can’t believe she would drop out of my wedding for that”! All of our mouths were on the floor.



12. Poor Groom…

The bride had been cheating with the best man, and it came out a few days before the wedding.

They ended up still having the celebration without the wedding ceremony. So, full wedding clothing, hair, make-up, and reception.

The bride had a blast, and they did speeches and everything. The groom sat in tears most of the night.



13. Give Her Up!

My wife dragged me to a wedding that I did not want to go to—but I’m forever grateful that she did because I was able to witness one of the greatest spectacles of human drama that has ever taken place.

This was like an episode of Jerry Springer mixed with Cops. The bride’s secret lover objected in the middle of the ceremony: “I’ll be darned if I’m gonna keep my mouth shut and let you steal my woman”! He yelled out.

This deranged old redneck then proceeded to come at the groom with a loaded pistol, threatening to end him if he doesn’t give her up. Every single person in attendance started screaming and running away.

The authorities were called. I grabbed my wife’s hand, and we retreated outside to watch the rest of the scene unfold from the church window.



14. Someone Died On The Dance Floor

My parents went to a wedding where a guest had a heart attack and died on the dance floor. A few of the other guests attempted CPR, but according to my parents, they didn’t seem to know what they were doing.

They were just hammering the guy’s chest and gave a few random breaths. It was an adults-only wedding, but of course, one couple brought their kids anyway, who were pretty traumatized.

The parents of the bride and groom tried to get the guests to stay, but everyone, save for a few close friends of the couple, ended up leaving.



15. “No”

My aunt was visiting me, and a friend’s daughter was getting married that day nearby.

My aunt wanted to drop by the reception to bring a wedding gift. When she got there, she got horrible news. It turned out the wedding had never taken place.

It seems they got to the altar, and when he said “I do,” and they asked her “Do you take this man to be your wedded husband”? She said, “No,” and walked out.

The weird part is they were both at the reception, hanging with their friends. He looked really unhappy. She looked delirious.

If I were him, I’d never want to be within a mile of her ever again after that. I don’t know what her reasoning was.

Maybe it was good. But it was really incredibly rude of her to literally wait until the very last moment to break it off.



16. Horrible News

A friend of mine had a bachelor party at the local peeler club a few days before the wedding. I was going to come later in the evening as I was flying in late for the bachelor party and wedding.

Got a call right before takeoff. The news shook me to my core. The groom had fallen from the upstairs in the VIP section and had severed his spinal cord.

Even after a few months of rehab, he was fully paraplegic. Amazingly the wedding did happen, almost a year later. It puts things in perspective that she still stayed.



17. Her Boyfriend Wasn’t Happy

The bride was getting ready to throw the bouquet. All girls waiting. When the bouquet goes up, one girl pushes everyone out of the way while screaming.

Of course, she catches it. Screams in happiness and excitement, jumping in all sorts of ways that made her look like a psycho. Then I spot her boyfriend’s facial expression. He was not happy that she caught it…at all.



18. We’re Not Close Anymore

I was my sister’s maid of honor. During a peak planning time, our aunt passed. I kept trying to get in touch with my sister that entire day.

When I finally reached her, I explained that I had been trying to speak with her all day to let her know that our aunt had passed. I got blasted about how busy she is, and then she ripped into me about where I stood with my tasks.

She was pretty rotten on the day of the wedding, too. We are no longer close…



19. Expired Aspirin

I was at a friend’s wedding. He was forced to marry this girl whom he had impregnated because she thought that expired aspirin was an acceptable alternative to birth control.

During the ceremony, his cousin objected with something along the lines of, “Come on, man! The dummy was using expired aspirin as birth control!! You wanna spend your life with someone like that”??!!

There was laughter, shock, and even some mild applause from the audience. I personally laughed till I cried.



20. What A Horrible Person

I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid at a relative’s wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while.

Finally, her and her hubby got lucky, and she conceived. The bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding because she would be pregnant in the pictures. Three months later, sadly, my friend miscarried. The bride’s response was chilling.

She called her and said something along the lines of, “Good, well now you can be back in the wedding”. Needless to say, she did not even attend it.



21. Taking The Matter Into Their Own Hands

At my friend’s wedding last year, they apparently took too long not cutting the cake (they were planning on doing it just a bit later) one of the caterers just decided to take it away and chop it up into tiny pieces.

They were obviously quite upset, so the hotel’s solution was to bring in a borrowed cake from another function that was about to happen for a pretend cutting of the cake picture, then they took the cake away again.

The hotel’s giving them a free night stay for their anniversary as compensation, though.



22. Not Your Soulmate

Nobody had even said “speak now” yet, but the groom’s ex still decided to get up and scream out that he was her soulmate, that she forgave him for “this whole thing,” and that they should just leave now because he’d proven his point—by breaking up with her five years earlier, falling in love with someone else, and holding a wedding.



23. Too Small To Satisfy

My cousin had a rather extravagant wedding at an upscale golf course. I didn’t really want to go because I knew he’d hooked up with a friend in our group when he was engaged to the bride.

But family pressure and an open bar persuaded me, and I’m darn glad I went. I knew it was going to be good when the girl he cheated with was there.

Anyway, we have a few drinks at the bar and head to our seats for the ceremony. Apparently, the girl he’d messed around with had gotten pretty sloshed because at the moment of truth she yells, “I object, your honor, that man’s parts are too small to satisfy; he is unfit for marriage”! Like it was a court case.

Everyone went silent for a second, and then I looked over at my buddy and we burst out laughing our butts off.

Bride was furious and slapped the groom. They both cried, but after a brief break and conversation, they decided to go through with it!

Unsurprisingly, they’re getting divorced after a solid two-year marriage…



24. The Groom Made Out With His Mother

The groom pretty much made out with his mother. Big, slobbery kisses on the lips. Then when he was dancing with the bride he spent the entire dance staring over her shoulder at his mother.



25. A Nasty Surprise

I worked at a music venue in the Detroit area that was also a popular wedding reception location.

Came into work one week in the fall, when pretty much every weekend is booked solid with weddings, and noticed Saturday was open, no one scheduled.

I talked to the wedding planner and she tells me the groom canceled…Odd. Talk to the wedding planner’s younger brother, who was our head bartender.

He tells me that the groom, excited for the wedding, left work at lunch on Friday, bought a nice bottle of red, and headed home to surprise his bride-to-be.

Except, he was the one in for a surprise. He walked into his new house to hear sounds coming from their bedroom. He walked in to find his bride in bed with another man…his father.

We tried to talk him into doing a big screw you party because we’d never fill the space and there was no refund, but he declined.



26. The Most Awkward Moment Ever

My father-in-law goes up to give the speech for the parents of the groom (my wife’s brother’s wedding).

He is rambling on and on, then starts talking about how he’s always been super attracted to his son’s now wife…

You could have heard an ant scratching its ass it went so silent. I wanted to smack him.



27. Little Jimmy

My mom told me a story when she was in her teens at a wedding. Anyways one of the mothers in the corner randomly stood up and said, “I have an announcement to make, little Jimmy’s going through puberty!”

That kid was super embarrassed for a long time about it. That mother is pretty stupid to say such a thing at the wedding.



28. Too Many Events In One Day

My friends got married at a medium-sized wedding by a lake. Right after the ceremony, we walk over to the gazebo where the reception will be, and the bride’s sister-in-law loses her mind.

She starts lobbing her high heels at her husband, screeching about what an awful day it is, gashes her husband’s eyebrow open.

People are scrambling to get him napkins because his face is bleeding and trying to get him into a car to drive him to the hospital for stitches.

Meanwhile, his wife decides this is the time to up the ante. She says, “I can’t take this anymore,” and throws herself off of the dock in a dramatic swan dive. The poor bride is horrified at this point, obviously.

The problem is, the lake at that point was only four feet deep and marshy, so instead of successfully drowning herself, she just sort of… bobs?

Along in the water because everyone’s more concerned with her husband’s eye/face. Sister-in-law’s father just turns towards the lake and tells her to get out of there and cut the nonsense. They pile into two cars and drove off. It was surreal.


29. It Was Brutal

My cousin is married to a complete tool. At their wedding, he started opening up gifts and cards during the ceremony and then counting the money out loud, and calling people out on how much they gave them.

It was brutal, until I had the great pleasure of seeing the best man grab the money he had given to the groom and walk right out of the room.



30. Waiters Or Strippers?

I went to a wedding where, right before they started serving the food, all the waiters went onto the dance floor and started stripping.

They then chose a “lucky” lady from the guests, and a few of the waiters proceeded to grind with her until the song ended. They then put their vests back on and served the food.



31. Don’t Provoke The Horses

I work catering, one of the worst things I’ve seen is that there were horses involved in the ceremony, and the grandmother had arrived late and somehow provoked the horses when they were in the parking lot.

So ended up getting trampled by horses and sent to the hospital, it was kind of horrible.



32. That Marriage Didn’t Last

My cousin got married last April, and I only went because my parents were going, and I had nothing better to do that weekend (also, free bar).

And boy, did I get front seats to a horror show of a wedding. I got to watch her set her bouquet, the white carpet, and the groom’s pants on fire mid-ceremony because he had spiked his hair wrong.

The best part was that the minister just kept reading the vows as it all went down. Eventually, they got it all under control and the two said their “I dos”. The divorce was finalized a couple of days ago.



33. My Father Ruined Our Wedding

My father had some stupid church thing to go to on the same night as my wedding. We went back and forth about it for months leading up, and in the end, he just determined to be there for the ceremony and dip out of the reception.

Annoying, but whatever. Shortly before leaving, though, he decided he wanted to see our first dance, and he ended up coercing us into doing it early.

Completely ruined the moment, and then he left. Neither of us has forgiven him.



34. A Full-On Fistfight

I went to a wedding of a friend of my wife. The wedding itself went ok, however at the reception afterward everyone got really drunk.

The bridesmaids went out on the dance floor and started grinding all over each other. When the groom’s mom asked them to stop, one of the bridesmaids clocked her.

There was some rolling around on the floor and a full-on fistfight between a bridesmaid and the groom’s mom.

They got broken up by some of the people, and then the bridesmaid grabbed a wine bottle and started going after her again.

Oh, and the groom was gone at the time as he had to return the van back to his work. So he came back to his wedding reception to a complete mess.



35. She Lost A Lot Of Friends And Respect

One day after her wedding, a friend I went to school with went on a rampage on Facebook about how none of her friends showed up to her big day, and the ones that did show up didn’t dance or participate in anything at the reception.

She blasted everyone and made her wedding party feel bad because she spent too much money on unnecessary things.

She made a second post an hour later complaining about all of the people that stopped her to take pictures and didn’t let her enjoy her party.

It was hilarious to watch the comments flood in from people who went and were angry, and a few requested their gifts back. Because there was a darker reason that no one came.

A former classmate, someone who has a lot of mutual friends with the bride, lost his infant son earlier that week, and the baby’s services fell on the same day as the wedding.

Most of the people she was complaining about for not coming had opted to go to the child’s funeral service instead of her wedding. She lost a lot of respect and a lot of friends in two hours.



36. It Was So Weird

A childhood friend of the groom stood up and held a speech about how the groom would never beat his new wife or his children.

The groom has no history of domestic abuse or being a violent person whatsoever. It was really weird and so embarrassing. The couple were mortified.

danceswithhousecats ·


37. ” Guestzilla”

We had a guestzilla. An older aunt of the bride’s showed up wearing a white lace gown. She told the groom she didn’t want him in the group picture because it was only for “family”.

When the caterer put aside the top tier of the cake and put it in a box for the couple to have on their first anniversary, she began to pick off and eat the icing with her fingers.



38. Why Not Marry Your Ex Instead

We showed up at a wedding where the bride was not the girl everyone was expecting.

Turns out the couple had called it quits like two weeks before, but the groom was so cheap he did not want to lose all the money invested in the wedding reception, so he decided to ask one of his ex-girlfriends to marry him.

The girl accepted—it was very awkward because everyone at the wedding was talking about it.



39. Strange Behavior

When I was in college studying photography, I got friendly with a fellow student who had a wedding photography business but was studying to get his qualifications, etc.

After seeing my work, he asks me if I want to assist him on his next wedding, I agree. The big day comes, and I’m all prepared to go in to see the groom, but the groom refuses to be in any pics, stating he was feeling under the weather.

I kinda thought he should suck it up, as it’s his wedding day, but he was insistent. The ceremony comes and goes, time for the bridal party photos at the church.

Again, the groom refuses pics, much to everyone’s annoyance. Get to the reception, speeches begin, and midway through the father of the bride speech, the groom just straight up leaves, saying once again he was feeling a bit ill.

This is where the bride drew the line and went into a rage and started pulling the small groom and bride figures off the top of the cake and stomping on it, yelling, “I shouldn’t have married him”! Lots of hullabaloo and guests trying to console her.

Everyone agreed he was being dramatic and basically a jerk. We got paid in full even though, at that point, we were done. But so much more was about to happen.

I go home, feet up few beers…phone goes off, it’s my friend Craig, the photographer. The groom passed on shortly after leaving the reception hall. We do 2-for-1 wedding and funeral service now.



40. A Ring Accident

This happened yesterday afternoon at my cousin’s wedding. All was going well until my 5-year-old cousin, the ring bearer, takes the cushion with the ring on it and spins it above his head, throwing it at the flower girl, my 4-year-old cousin who had been making faces at him– leaving the bride’s ring nowhere to be found.

It took all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen a good while of crawling around on their knees to recover it.



41. An Objection

I went to a co-worker’s wedding where the maid of honor objected and admitted to being the “other woman” that the groom had been cheating with for months.

The bride ran out in tears. The groom immediately tried to salvage the ceremony by asking the maid of honor to become the new bride. She refused.



42. He Changed His Mind Quickly

My father told me a story once of when he was at a wedding. The groom decided half way through the ceremony that he didn’t want to get married.

He was then attacked by the father and brother of the bride. After a brawl (and a few bloody noses), he changed his mind, and they got married.



43. A Car Crash

I wasn’t invited to this wedding, but it happened in my neighborhood, so everyone heard about it. A couple was getting married in the banquet hall in front of my neighborhood. S

ome of the bridal party was across the street, which was really a small highway. The bridal party was driving over to the banquet hall (less than a minute drive) when, right in front of the neighborhood entrance, another car swerved over the center line and hit their car head-on.

Two of the bridesmaids were injured. A six-year-old girl, who was supposed to be the flower girl, was killed instantly. I don’t know what happened to the other driver.

This was literally half an hour before the wedding was supposed to take place. It was canceled, of course. The parents of the little girl leave a pink wreath outside our neighborhood entrance on the anniversary every year.



44. Mother-In-Law From Hell

I was at a wedding once where between the ceremony and reception, the groom and his groomsmen disappeared and drank an entire bottle of jack.

He passed out about an hour later. Then his mom found the bride on the dance floor and starts yelling at them about how she has to go take care of him because it’s her husband now and blah blah blah.

Ends up making the bride cry. At her own reception. On the dance floor. In front of everyone.



45. A One Night Stand

I was a groomsman at a wedding two years ago. The bride and groom had been together for right around four years. They decided to write their own vows.

The groom went through his. They were sweet as anything. He is a really great dude. The wife decided that during the vows is the appropriate time to let him and everyone else know that he would soon be a father.

Everyone was crying and hugging. It was a pretty cool moment. Everything was going great up until a point in the reception where the bride was talking to a friend of hers, telling her how excited she was to be having a girl.

Somehow, no one caught her mistake—except the groom, who got up, threw his drink at the wall, and shattered it.

Called his new wife stupid and told her she was a cheating witch and stormed out. The bride started crying and swore she never cheated on him and couldn’t believe he was ruining their special day.

The other groomsmen and I ran outside to see what was up with him. Then it hit all of us at the same time. She was 16 weeks pregnant…and he had only been home from Afghanistan for eight weeks.

She didn’t think that anyone would catch that and was somehow going to try and convince her husband they were having the baby early when the time came.

I have not heard much from him or her since the wedding, but it was heavily rumored that the pregnancy was a result of a one-night stand with one of my buddy’s cousins.



46. Another One Bites The Dust

I went to a wedding with a girl I dated in high school. Her uncle was marrying a woman that had already been married four times. Four. Times.

As she walked down the aisle, instead of the traditional “Here Comes the Bride,” they played “Another One Bites the Dust.” She looked livid. I have no idea if the couple is still together, but I very seriously doubt it.



47. Could’ve Been My Brother

My brother went to high school and college with this girl that he always thought of as a friend.

Her grandparents lived next door to ours. I was friends with her little sister. Our parents were friends…anyway, she gets engaged and starts planning her wedding.

We were invited, of course. A couple of days before the wedding, she comes over to our parent’s house because my brother was in town for her wedding and tells him that she will leave her fiancé for him. Like, declares this in front of my family.

He, of course, was all, “What the actual heck”? They’d never dated. They’d never kissed. He was never interested in her.

She was crying super hard and declaring her love for him, and it was weird. She bawled like a baby to the point where she could barely get through her vows…we knew why.

Fast forward like 15 years, and she’s still married to the guy. They look happy.



48. An Extremely Uncomfortable Wedding

I photograph weddings, so I’ve got a million stories. The most notable was when one of the groom’s men said, “I object,” and pulled out a speech he had written on an index card as to why.

However, he’d had a bit too much liquid courage preparing to read it and stammered through like a nervous child giving a PowerPoint presentation.

It boiled down to calling the groom lazy and ungrateful and saying he’d probably cheat on the bride in the first year.

He saw himself out after saying his piece, but for the rest of the wedding, everyone seemed extremely uncomfortable.



49. I’ll Never Forget This Day

I was accidentally involved in someone else’s ugly wedding fallout.

I work night shift at the desk of a hotel, and one night last summer, when we were totally sold out we had a wedding party come back at 2 a.m.

The bride was still in her gown, and everyone was looking pretty drunk and tired. Next thing I know, they are engaging in what can only be described as a Jerry Springer-style brawl in my parking lot.

I could hear them screaming and swearing at each other, and then I heard a horrible scream. I called the police, and then the bride came in with a horrible bloody nose and blood all over her gown.

Turns out the groom had slept with the maid of honor the night before, and when the bride called her out on it, the maid of honor punched her in the face and ran off.

I was just standing behind the desk listening to them all give statements to the police. Meanwhile, the next morning, I had to comp a bunch of rooms because of the ruckus!



50. The More The Merrier

My roommate and I were at his boss’s wedding. Afterwards when everybody was well and drunk, the groom began his search for a third person to help consummate his marriage.

It only took him asking about 2 or 3 girls until people started noticing what was up and intervening. One of the girls was noticeably upset, and the bride went over to apologize…or so we thought.

Apparently, the bride was looking too. After no success, they gathered a small group of people and headed to the strip club. No, we did not join, but yes, we did laugh the entire drive home.



51. The Bride Was A Mess

At a friend’s wedding, the bride got wasted at the reception. Literally, fall down drunk.

She disappeared for a good 20 minutes, and her now husband found her in a car with his brother smoking a joint.

He then started screaming and accusing her of hooking up with his brother at their wedding. All we could do was watch as the fight escalated.

He finally calmed down, but she was a wreck. She wound up sitting in the dirt in her white dress, vomiting, and sobbing. To make matters worse, the photographer took pics the whole time.



52. Racist Grandma

My grandmother, at my uncle’s, her son’s wedding, said, “Their children are going to be dark.”. He had married a lady who was born in Cuba. She was sitting right next to them when she said this.

They ended up having two kids, a boy, and a girl. The boy looks like his mom, and the girl looks like her dad.

Guess which one is never invited to stay the night at grandma’s house?



53. Richer Or Poorer

I once attended a really awkward wedding. The bride, who we all thought was a bit of a gold digger to begin with, laughed uncontrollably during the rehearsal when she was supposed to say the “for richer or poorer” part.

She promised to get it together during the ceremony the next day. She didn’t get it together. She burst out laughing again in the middle of the real ceremony, and she never did actually say it.



54. So Selfish

The bride kicked off at me when I couldn’t attend her SECOND hen-do (complete with over-night stay) because it was too far away from the hospital my dying grandmother was staying in.

The friendship ended when she said: “We’ve all got sick relatives. My grandad’s got dementia”! Needless to say, we don’t talk anymore.



55. Everyone Was Sent Home

A friend of mine works at a wedding venue. She told me about one wedding where the best man decided to object by making some jokes about the time that he slept with the bride.

He assumed that the groom already knew about it. Turns out he didn’t, and he was NOT happy. The reception was abruptly canceled, and all the guests were sent home.



56. Over His Dead Body

One of the most blatant bad omens I’ve ever witnessed occurred at a wedding I attended.

Just as the processional music started and the bride was about to enter, the groom’s great-uncle keeled over in the front pew and expired!

After 45 minutes of futile CPR, they decided to continue with the wedding—complete with a priest who included the late great uncle in every prayer (“Lord, bless Jane and Jim…and Stanley….”).

It was a bit of a downer, to say the least. The marriage didn’t last long.



57. Twenty Minutes Of Dead Silence

I attended a friend’s wedding, her sister gave a speech right after. She started out about how she hopes they don’t get divorced too soon because they just bought a house and “it would be pretty hard to split the house in half when you get divorced.”

She went on for 20 minutes about how the kitchen wasn’t even finished yet, and there was no way they could decide who gets the fridge. It was 20 minutes of cringe and dead silence afterwards…



58. It Took 11 Months To Leave

At my wedding, I asked my husband to hold my bouquet whilst I gathered up my skirts to get into the car.

He refused, with the excuse that he “wasn’t gay.” So, I awkwardly got into the car while holding both my skirt and the bouquet. Ten minutes later, my mum asked him, “Doesn’t she look beautiful”? He looked at me, shrugged, and said I looked “ok.”

Both of those moments may as well have been red flags accompanied by sirens, and I felt my heart sinking with foreboding.

It was 30 years ago, and I can still easily recall the feeling. Unfortunately, I was right and I left only 11 months later.



59. Not A Good Time

Not so much seen, but heard. My wife’s grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer about 6 months ago.

At our wedding last month, as we’re making our rounds to say thank you to everyone for coming, her grandfather’s wife informs us that he only has a few weeks left to live.

While we appreciate knowing, she could have probably found a better time. I had to run drop our car off before making my way back to the hotel, to find my new bride crying in bed.



60. It Didn’t Go Well At All

I witnessed this a few months ago. Random guest stood up and proceeded to basically declare his love for the bride and pour his heart out, saying that it should’ve been him up on the alter that day.

The whole room went absolutely silent. The bride went red with embarrassment and the groom went red with anger. But I haven’t even gotten to the worst part.

All this was in front of the random person’s wife. It didn’t go down too well.



61. He Waited For The Perfect Moment

My sister and her boyfriend attended a wedding out in the countryside, most people had to drive a few hours to get there.

When the priest asked the groom if he would take the bride to be his wife, he said, “No, I know she’s been sleeping with my best friend for quite a while.”

Then he looks over to his best friend, who is sitting in the front, and said, “HELLO [Insert friend’s name.]” And then walks right out of the church.

He found out about the affair 2 weeks before the wedding but played it cool right until that perfect moment. The bride’s father paid for the whole thing.



62. We’re No Longer Friends

I was the maid of honor. The bride demanded I come pull weeds out of her parents’ yard a day or two before the wedding because the reception was at her parents’ house.

I had already gone through multiple ridiculous requests the week leading up to the wedding, so this one, I put my foot down and said no. Got through the wedding.

No longer friends. She did send a gift when I got married: A centerpiece from HER wedding that I had helped make.



63. She Turned Into A Psychopath

I’ve been to one wedding, my aunts, where I pulled a ridiculous face in the wedding photos and ruined them all.

Must’ve been around ten at the time, I’d feel sorry, but she turned into a complete psychopath and cut herself off from the entire family for something completely unrelated and trivial. Now people look back on it every once in a while and giggle.



64. No Tables And Chairs

There were no tables and chairs. Like none. They had an open bar but no chairs. Everyone had to put their drink on the ground and hold their plate to eat. It was crazy.

Everyone just assumed that some sort of terrible thing happened where the tables and chair people didn’t bring them, but afterwards I asked her (the bride) what happened, and she just said, “Oh, we would have had to pay extra for that.”



65. Thank God I’ll Never Have To See Her Again

I was almost in a bridezilla wedding. I had an ectopic pregnancy (baby attached to my tube, which then burst, and I almost bled to death). She got engaged shortly following my ectopic.

When she asked me to be her bridesmaid, she told me that I would have to wait to have another baby until after her wedding in 1.5 years…not because there would be a small child at the wedding, not even because she didn’t want me fat at her wedding…but because if I lost another child, it would take away from her engagement and wedding.

I was so shocked. I just declined and have never spoken to her since.



66. A Mail Order Bride

My dad’s wedding to his second wife. She was a mail order bride from Ukraine.

Just married him for a green card and to get an education here. Once she did, she divorced him and took half of his assets and their house.

The whole thing was a sham, and everyone knew it from the get-go. The ceremony was bad because everyone was apprehensive of the whole thing; It is hard to be joyous and happy for their union when you’re trying to convince the groom not to go through with it.



67. I Guess The Wi-Fi In The Church Was Good

I went to a church wedding in Korea. I had been to other Korean weddings and knew that most people just show up to drop off their gift (money) and then hit the buffet, and attending the actual wedding ceremony isn’t really required/expected for most guests.

What surprised me about this one was sitting in the church for the actual ceremony and how nobody who even came in was paying attention.

Everyone was on their ipads or smartphones. I saw lots of people just playing Angry Birds (this was 3 years ago) and a few just full-on having phone conversations during the ceremony.

Just blew my mind. These weren’t children, these were middle-aged adults. Why even go inside if you are just going to text messages or play cellphone games?



68. She Always Puts Herself First

This was my sister’s wedding, so hold on tight. My sister had 10 bridesmaids.

Most of them were her sorority sisters from college. They wanted to plan an elaborate weekend for the summer while most of them were still in school without jobs.

When I asked, “Hey, who will pay for this”? My sister got angry that I even asked. But it gets worse.

I also reminded all the bridesmaids that our father, who has stage 4 cancer, wasn’t doing so well, and that maybe the bachelorette/bridal shower should be close by.

They all flipped, thinking I was being insensitive to the bride. I was promptly asked not to be a bridesmaid to my own sister’s wedding over these two things.

I was fine with this as she was a bridezilla, and I spent time with our dying father instead. He passed two weeks after her wedding day, which he couldn’t attend because he was in hospice care. To me, she put herself before our ailing father, and it still makes me mad.



69. Best Wedding Ever

I once attended a “classy” wedding reception. During the couple’s first song, the song skipped.

The Bridezilla stopped dancing and started screaming at her brand-new husband like it was his fault. She stormed off the dance floor, and he chased after her.

Bad move bro. She clocked him right in the eye. After she calmed down, the reception proceeded as normal (except for the husband with a shiner in all of their pictures).

Later, a bag was passed around to give money for the couple, except it disappeared at the end of the evening. They were robbed by one of their invited guests. Best wedding ever.



70. A Heart Attack

My father was best man at a wedding once. Beautiful ceremony, bride is the last one of her family to get married.

Her father is swelling with pride and clearly the happiest person in the world. Shortly into the reception, he has a heart attack.

My mother (the maid of honor and a nurse practitioner) goes along with the ambulance doing CPR all the way while the bride’s mother pulls my father and the groom aside and insists that the celebration would continue and it would be a happy day.

Could be worse ways to go out I guess though. And my father ended up throwing out his prepared best man speech. Somehow, he didn’t seem to think it would cut it any more.



71. An Old European Tradition

Apparently, they wanted us (and their parents) to watch them consummate the marriage because of an old European tradition.



72. “What About The Baby”

It was the wedding of my aunt and her fiancee. Everything was going great until we got to the “I do” part. When it was my aunt’s turn, instead of saying, “I do,” she yelled, “I can’t do this!” and ran out.

That’s pretty bad, right? It got worse. As she was running out, her fiancee turned around and yelled, “What about the baby?!” That was how we found out my aunt was pregnant.



73. I Wish I Was Making This Up

The groom attacked his new brother-in-law to death…with the knife used to cut the wedding cake, no less. You really can’t make this stuff up.



74. Suffering In The Heat

This. My brother got married last year in the middle of summer at high noon. No tree or tent visible.

By the end of the hour-and-a-half-long ceremony (super religious), my updo was undone and limp, my dress was completely saturated in sweat, and several people were starting to fall out.

What’s worse were some fair-skinned babies that were in the crowd with no shade; I was legitimately worried for them. If you marry outdoors in the summer, please be considerate and provide shade for your guests or keep it sweet and simple.



75. I Wish I Saw Her Face

An old coworker told me about a wedding they went to where the best man’s toast turned into him proposing to his girlfriend. I would have killed the see the bride’s face.



76. The Bride Was In Tears

It was during the church ceremony, just before the couple exchanged vows when some guy’s cell phone went off with a really pervasive sound.

He actually answered the phone and started talking in a FULL voice in the middle of the congregation.

The minister stopped the ceremony and asked the guy to please turn off his phone or take the call outside. The guy started YELLING back, creating a scene, and was escorted out by the ushers.

Although I couldn’t see her face, I was told later that the bride was in tears and that it pretty much ruined the ceremony for her. Judging by the look of “disbelief” on everyone else’s faces, I can understand why.



77. A-List And B-List

It was my then-business partner’s second marriage to a prominent lawyer. She was 40-ish but behaved like a Cosmo-swilling sorority sister and was obsessed with optics, image, and status.

The wedding was a two-nighter at a banquet/event center in the city. When my wife and I showed up, we discovered the guests had been partitioned into an A-list and a B-list.

We were on the A-list who were invited for cocktails, the ceremony, and a sit-down dinner. The B-listers had been told to appear later for cake and dancing.

During dinner, the already-half-in-the-bag bride stood up and told us A-listers we were her “real friends,” the “cream of the crop,” and our standing with her was reflected in the fine catered dinner we were eating.

Things ran long, and the B-listers began assembling outside. They were not allowed in, but the place had storefront-type windows, and you could see into the venue from the street.

It began to rain, and the B-listers had to stand outside getting wet and staring at us while the banquet part of the evening wrapped up. They clearly had not been apprised of the two-tier deal. It was so painful.



78. My Last Wedding Photoshoot Was A Disaster

I once photographed a wedding that made me quit photographing weddings. My husband was my second photographer, and even he couldn’t believe the day we had.

We showed up early to get a feel for the venue and grab photos of guests and details. Then, I went to check on the bride, and my husband checked on the guys.

The bride was extremely angry with everyone because, apparently, her husband-to-be had been smoking earlier, and when she had ordered him to stop, he decided to have a drink instead.

The wedding ceremony was very dry. No tears. No sincere words. Then at the reception, the brother of the groom got up to speak. His toast included things like, “I can’t believe we’re here today; no one thought you would make it this far” and, “You know we wish the best for you, and we hope you’re happy.” All of the guests were cringing.

Immediately after the speech, the bride said to me, “I don’t want photos of any of his (the groom’s) family. I also don’t want photos of my sister, who thinks she’s a model”.

That was the last wedding I shot, and it was nearly four years ago. That man was miserable. I could see it in his face and everyone else’s.


79. The Worst Groom Ever

I once went to a wedding where both families were Irish. My girlfriend knew them, but I didn’t. At the ceremony, the groom’s ex-wife started shouting something and was gently directed outside.

I couldn’t hear what was said. The reception was amazing—nice venue and all, but a bunch of guests had brought their own instruments and just started jamming what I can only describe as a genuine Irish Jig.

There was a LOT of booze. There was no responsible serving of the drinks and I’m certain it was by design. At some point, I used the men’s room and was curious if I’d just seen the groom in a stall (door open) with someone who was not the bride. I didn’t know these people and it might have just been someone else, so I said nothing.

Sometime later and the girlfriend states seriously, “We should get going now”. Yeah sure. We grab our stuff and head downstairs. I see the suspicious fellow again in the stairwell going to absolute town on this same lady.

My girlfriend grabs my arm tightly and keeps walking past, mumbles a thank you for the invite, and I just smile and follow cause it’s all weird.

Yep, that was the groom, doing stuff to his ex-wife at his own wedding to another woman. The look that woman gave us as we passed was this smugly dominant, “I always get what I want” glare. Wow.

I got it all explained to me after we were in a cab and well on our way home, but that look still haunts me to this day.



80. “That’s What She Said”

My buddy’s brother’s wedding. The best man goes up and says, “Ok, my speech is going to be interactive, every time I pause, I need you to say, ‘That’s what she said”

He then proceeded to make the most awkward speech of all time. People stopped participating after the first one. The best part was the bride got up and stopped him by yelling at him. He left like 15 minutes after that.



81. An Awkward Wedding

The bride was a former nun who left her order not long after taking her vows so she could marry a friend of my significant other’s family.

During the wedding ceremony, the priest kept staring at her, shaking his head slightly and making facial expressions that displayed his disappointment in her decision.

It became especially awkward during his homily when he said, “Keeping the vows we make—whether nuptial vows or religious—says much about our integrity and sincerity.”



82. Big Ed Was Mad

A friend’s little sister gets married. Their dad is one of the toughest guys I know, and this is his youngest daughter getting married.

They pose up for the inevitable garter removal, complete with a photographer. Groom looks the father-in-law dead in the eye as he is removing the garter and says, “This is for you, Big Ed. It’s all night tonight!”

The reception basically detonated at that point. My buddy and I tried to stop Ed from beating the groom to within an inch of his life. We were hanging on, getting dragged over while the bride is crying, and the groom is too stupid to grab her and make a hasty exit.

There was a lot of shouting, I got my suit torn, and the reception ended immediately.


83. A Controlling Freak

We didn’t object, but it was hard to keep our mouths shut at my aunt’s wedding. She’d had a hard life. Her two daughters were mentally disabled to the point where they had to live in a care facility full time.

Her first husband abused the girls and then took his own life. The only bright side was that he left her millions in real estate. But money can’t buy happiness.

When her second serious partner left her, she was lonely as heck. She was a smart lady, but she still fell for this conman. He was after her money, which was supposed to be for the future care of the girls.

He wasn’t allowed back in several countries because he had conned people out of so much money, and there was something very wrong with him mentally.

He claimed to be able to cure cancer and took cancer patients’ money and would stay in hotels then leave without paying. The whole family knew about his issues, but he’d convinced my aunt that it was all lies and that the world was against him.

Anyhow, we were invited to the wedding. It sucked to watch her marry this trash fire, but we needed her to know that we were on her side.

He’d already started to isolate her with ideas about how we weren’t good for her, and she was pretty much under his control. Fast forward: five years later, he’s blown through most of her money.

They did IVF and had a son, who is now eight. Con artist husband left when the money was gone so now she’s nearly 60, raising a child, and trying to rebuild bridges with her family and friends.

Kinda wish we had objected at the wedding, but she was set on her path, and other people like her parents had told her all the bad stuff they had found out about her husband, and it hadn’t stopped her. Figured all we could do was be there for her.



84. An Important Question

The groom’s dad interrupted the wedding to ask the bride’s father to confirm whether or not she was truly a virgin. I couldn’t believe my ears! Truly a weird and embarrassing moment to witness.



85. A Backyard Ceremony

A woman I know and her S.O. didn’t have much money when they got married, so they opted to have the ceremony in their backyard.

I don’t know what the heck happened with the guest count, but there were far more guests than there were chairs.

Additionally, several of the guests were families with small children. So anybody who was in their 20s or 30s and able-bodied had to renounce their seat so the families could sit.

To make matters worse, the backyard was long, narrow, and very cramped, so those of us without seats had to skulk around in the back of this yard, struggling to see/hear the ceremony from behind a crowd of people and a bunch of huge potted plants.



86. MIL From Hell

The groom looked inebriated, and the bride seemed incredibly angry. Then there was this woman walking around during the reception placing bets on when they would divorce. I later found out she was the mother of the groom.



87. Not My Fault, People

I worked at a hotel front desk for a few years, and one time we had a mid-day Sunday wedding in the lobby. While the pastor was talking, the fire alarm went off.

This hotel had a strict policy that the alarm can’t be silenced until the fire department arrives and shuts it off, so I was left standing there with 75 or so people angrily staring at me. Turned out it was set off by a couple of the housekeepers getting stoned in the laundry room.



88. Strange Rules

I went to a wedding where it was actually a rule that guests weren’t allowed to talk directly to the bride. Her mom and maid of honor were the only ones allowed to.



89. A Personal Cook, Dishwasher, And Washing Machine

The groom said in his speech, “When I joined a dating agency, I never thought I’d be so lucky as to find my own personal cook, dishwasher, and washing machine.”

Not only is that a terrible way to describe ANYONE, he’s in for a nasty surprise when he realizes his wife is actually a complete diva and will expect him to do all those things for her! Bad relationship all around.



90. Broken-Hearted

My husband and I were at his old friend’s wedding. The women at our table all stared at us like we were ghosts.

Suddenly one of them pulled over my husband and told him that the bride (his old friend) had been in love with him for over a decade. They were horrified that we were there—and extremely worried.

My husband had no idea that she had feelings for him. She bee-lined right for our table after the “introducing Mr & Mrs” thing—ignoring her family and leaving her husband standing alone. She clung to my husband and sobbed—lifting her head to glare at me. She had to be pulled off of him. Her new husband was in shock, and my husband was horrified and embarrassed.



91. The Worst Speech Ever

My ex’s cousin. It was the worst but also the most hilarious.

My ex’s cousin was the bride, and her dad made a speech at the reception. He started it with, “We always thought Charlotte was a lesbian”



92. At Least They Cleaned

Three and a half hours after the wedding began, a bunch of family members started cleaning up while the DJ was still playing music.

Used cups and plates were dumped into garbage bins, unfinished drinks were tossed, and centerpieces were dismantled and placed into boxes. Everyone else felt so awkward that we got up and pitched in.

The wedding ended with every single guest stacking chairs, putting away folding tables, bussing tables, etc.



93. The Car Wreck

My son (the ring bearer) and his dad got in a wreck on the way to the venue.

NOT what I wanted to hear, as I was getting 33575789 hairpins installed for my fancy updo! The stylist overheard that conversation and brought me some wine.

The kid and Dad were fine, the other drivers were fine, they were only a little late, and everything else went off without a hitch.

But DAMN. “Your son got in a car wreck” completely snapped me back to reality. The wedding is just fluff; family and marriage are serious commitments that are worth making and keeping.



94. A No-Show

DJ texted sometime DURING OUR VOWS that he wasn’t showing up. A lot of other things went wrong, including a flash flood, hubby’s car breaking down, my car keys getting somehow deadbolted locked inside of a hotel room that no one else was in (I still don’t understand how that happened).

I had a little breakdown right before the reception because I thought I wasn’t going to get my first dance without a DJ. My husband and MOH wiped my tears, and we headed into the reception to find our friends DJing the reception collectively, ended up being really special and sweet.

8 years later, and we joke we got all our bad luck out of the way that day, smooth sailing since.



95. The Bride Didn’t Know

Not my wedding…but I officiated a wedding where the bride’s grandfather died in the bathroom minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start.

Ended up doing chest compressions until EMS arrived and then rolled up to officiate and tell my silly little jokes while the family actively repressed their emotions *because they did not tell the bride*.



96. Almost Nobody Showed Up

Nobody showed up at my wedding. Me and my husband invited over 50 people, and a lot of them said they would be there. Besides the party and family, only 3 friends showed up, and everyone left right after the cake was cut.


97. My Poor Mom

My mom fell down the stairs while trying to hand out boutonnières before the ceremony and ended up breaking her foot. She toughed it out and pretended that she was fine because she was afraid it would ruin the day.

It broke my heart when I eventually found out, but damn, do I love my mama.



98. All Because I Didn’t Invite Her Extended Family

My mom picked a fight with me at the reception because I didn’t invite her extended family, but I did invite my stepmom.

Family that she had only recently reconciled with and who I didn’t know. Meanwhile, my stepmom is a decent person who was married to the man who raised me, so she’s an automatic invite.

Besides, I was having only 24 guests in total. My mom looked like she had a lemon in her mouth during the wedding until she started arguing at the reception.

We had actually fought about this a lot during the engagement, so I think she came just to make a scene. Anyways, I asked her to leave and proceeded to have a blast. I have not voluntarily spoken to my mother in thirteen years.



99. The Hormone Speech

We asked the pastor from my husband’s childhood church to officiate. Very old-school conservative.

We discussed with him what we wanted him to talk about during the ceremony, marriage being hard work, treating love as a verb, that kind of thing.

What he ended up doing was speeding through the passage I wanted to be read, then talked for 15 minutes about how marriage is for only men and women, how we are made this way, and how hormones play a part.

I should add that my father-in-law, who walked me down the aisle, is gay. Well-known fact. The preacher’s speech at my wedding was basically a condemnation of my father-in-law.

He was able to laugh it off, but I am still mad about it to this day. We call it the hormone speech, the one black spot on what was otherwise a perfect day.



100. I Was In The ICU For A Month

Two months before my wedding, I wound up in the burn ICU for a month. We had to cancel my shower, and my bachelorette was cut short because I had a panic attack, thanks to the resulting PTSD.

I was on so many painkillers I don’t remember much of the day itself, and I could only bring myself to look at the pictures once.

Sometimes I feel like I got cheated out of a happy wedding. But a wedding is just a party, it’s the marriage that is important.



101. I Still Haven’t Received An Apology

My time has come! My mom got blackout drunk and passed out in the bathroom. My boss had to carry her out. I mentioned it to her a few weeks later, and she had no idea what had happened. Still hasn’t apologized for it.



102. Controlling MIL

My mother-in-law wanted to see my wedding lingerie to make sure she approved of it. It was one of my first times with her, and I was trying to please her to get in her good graces. It was all about control.



103. MIL From Hell

My mother-in-law got ten kinds of drunk and made scenes all day and night.

This included crying every single minute of the day (she looks like someone died in all the pics), standing on a chair to dance, cornering my sister to yell at her for absolutely no reason, stealing almost all the centerpieces (which belonged to the venue) and calling our hotel room at 3 am because my husband’s friends wouldn’t let his 16-year-old sister into their hotel room party.

Basically, my mother-in-law was the worst part of our wedding.



104. The Worst Photographer Ever

My photographer got drunk and stoned. All our wedding photos are orange and blurry, so we made our photo album courtesy with the photos from a good friend who had a good camera and great skills!



105. MIL Shared The News Without Our Permission

MIL shared the news before we could. We eloped and didn’t tell anyone until 30 mins before. We only told immediate family right before, with very clear directions not to share with anyone yet.

We got married in the evening, turned our phones off, and in the morning woke up to messages from all of the inlaws (aunts/uncles and cousins).

We had originally planned to do a social post within a couple of days, but because she shared our news, we opted not to at all. My family waited until I gave the go-ahead to share it with others (to the point my little sister told me that my dad was having a really hard time not sharing it with his brother/my uncle, but he knew it wasn’t his news to share, so he didn’t).

At least we know who gets any other big news last now.



106. She Did It On Purpose

My husband’s father’s (who my husband was not close with) new wife, who we both had met once showed up in the exact same dress as my bridesmaids.

The 1 conversation I had with her, I told her what they were wearing, so it was very intentional. She also showed up with my husband’s mom’s fur coat on top of it.

And then tried to walk in with the wedding party. I swore she was going to get jumped by my grandmother-in-law.



107. I Still Got Married Though

I forgot to pack my cathedral-length veil (venue was the destination), I forgot to carry my bouquet, there was an earthquake the morning of, my in-laws watched a football game on their phones during the service, and left before the reception.

The reception was canceled because the entire staff of the restaurant we rented out had strep throat.

My MOH announced her engagement at my wedding, the best man tried to sleep with a bridesmaid and, when turned down, put a hammock between two trees and slept outside. Think this is all bad? Wait for the worst part of the day. I got married.



108. A Failed 10-Year Marriage

My tall, attractive, athletic first husband was a ballroom dancer. So our first dance at the reception was going to rock, right? I thought I was having fun at the time, but a friend remarked years later we looked terrible.

He just looked like he was showing off, and it was clear I couldn’t keep up. He didn’t care at all about slowing down and making us look like a couple. It became a metaphor for our failed 10-year marriage. He only ever cared about his stuff and was constantly inconsiderate of me.

My second husband is an awkward, nerdy guy, 2.5″ shorter than me. But we took dance lessons together, looked good at our wedding, and had fun.



109. I Messed Up

Getting married hours after I found out that he’d slept with another woman because at that point, I felt like… I mean, what do I do? (Not getting married is the correct answer, but I did.)



110. No Cheesecake For Me

We had a HUGE Italian-style dessert bar served after the cake. I was too busy dancing, talking, and having fun to make it over to the desserts.

My mom asked if I wanted anything, and she would make a to-go box. I say yes, cheesecake. That’s all, just cheesecake (it’s my fav). Shortly after, my mom tells me it’s all gone.

My cousin comes to tell me goodbye, holding a desert box. We chat, tells me how much fun she had and how great the food and dessert were.

Then says, “The cheesecake was amazing, you should get some!” She opens the box to show me 4 slices of cheesecake, along with a ton of other desserts. I asked her if I could please have just 1 slice.

She said, “No, it’s mine, should have gotten to it quicker!” I begged her and explained it’s my favorite dessert. She still said no and promptly left.



111. The Worst Mistake Of My Life

Besides the part where I was still a child? I had previously discussed how demeaning I found the cake smash. Groom agreed with me. Then did it anyway.

I spent part of the reception in the bathroom crying and certain I’d just made the worst mistake of my life. I was right. He nearly killed me.



112. My Husband Is Still Bitter About It

My sister took my wedding cabin because she refused to stay at my house with the other guests, and then announced her pregnancy at my wedding…12 years later, and my husband is still bitter about it.



113. The Naked Photo

Grooms best man went around with a naked photo of the groom. Showed everyone, including the bride and groom’s family.

The worst part was there were kids at the wedding, including the bride’s very young son and it wasn’t a small photo either like on his phone it was a huge canvas of the groom nude.



114. A Surprise Wedding

I had one of my friends from high school get married in a trashy way. His fiancé at the time invited him to lunch at Buffalo wild wings, and she had also invited the whole family (they were in on it) and once my friend showed up, he found out it was a surprises wedding (just like you would do a surprise birthday party.)

The even trashier part is they didn’t like reserve the restaurant or anything so in his wedding photos (standing in front of the bathrooms by the way) you can see complete strangers coming out of the bathrooms.


Delaware Business Times

115. I Love My Job

The best man hooks up with the groom’s mother between the meal and the dancing. The groom finds out and punches the best man, breaking his hand. The best man drives away and gets stopped by the police for drunk driving. Being a wedding photographer is awesome.



116. I’m Not Surprised They Got Divorced

The camo print wedding dress that was borderline see-through. Walked down the aisle to the Scooby Doo theme. No, nobody knows why they chose that song, including the couple themselves.

They divorced a few months later after they both stopped cleaning the house in an act of defiance against one another.


Spoon Graphics

117. A Ceremony In The Park

The ceremony was in a park – not booked or decorated, just showed up and found a spot. The reception was at a scout hall.

No decorations again, and for catering, the bride’s family went through the Red Rooster drive-thru and got a bunch of whole chicken and chips.

Like, 5 different cars went through one after the other and ordered, they didn’t even pre-order.

Groom and all his friends were high as kites, and the only reason the bride wasn’t is because she announced she was pregnant.

Groom and his mates bought their dirt bikes and, after eating, went out and rode them around the hall. Was so loud and muddy.



118. It Was Very Rushed

In a Mississippi judge’s office with a bag of Cheetos on her desk. She wiped her hands on a napkin, grabbed a Bible, and did her thing with orange crumbs on her lips.

Her work heels were not on because she was in her office. It was extremely rushed. I understand that she was on her break, but we didn’t mind waiting. Idk why they rushed us thru.



119. The Worst One I’ve Ever Seen

A wedding on the beach behind Hooters. The officiant stood next to a trash bin. As if it was planned, the trash collector pulled up during the vows.

Did he wait to change the bag? Absolutely not. Children at the wedding swarmed the couple like the flies around the trash can just after the kiss, stepping all over her dress.

She bent over to adjust her sandal, and a pack of Marlboro reds fell out of the bust along with her right breast.

It felt like we were rubbernecking instead of witnessing a marriage.



100. Spilling The Beans

Two of my friends got married. The groom cheated on his bride quite often, including the night before the wedding.

An anonymous text was sent out, and spilled the beans to the bride. A fight ensued, but the wedding continued as planned. Also, the girl that did the bride’s makeup for the wedding…well, that was the girl who had been sleeping with the groom.

I have never witnessed a more awkward situation in my life.




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