People Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

Breaking up with your significant other is difficult enough when you're both on the same page, but when one of the partners doesn't want to end the relationship, it can lead to some dangerous outcomes.

These people shared the worst things their exes had ever done to them when they tried to get out of the relationship. 

When I broke up with a significant other, she decided that she was pregnant. She went as far as to Photoshop ultrasound results and pregnancy tests and tell my mother she was going to be a grandmother. She even had a name picked out for the "baby." She had everyone at our work, Borders, convinced I was a heartless bastard who didn't care about his unborn son. I finally found the original copy of the last ultrasound that she had altered on a Google image search.

I sent it to her, and guess what? Never heard from her again. Not once.

My ex-wife is bipolar and had a complete disconnect from reality. She went into behavior that I guess could be called manic, but it was worse than that. She destroyed every part of our life and secretly ran up 70k in credit card debt (like taking large groups of people to expensive restaurants).

She forged or removed my name from documents and ended up taking everything possession I had, with the exception of my computer. She left me homeless and penniless.

My ex decided that at one point, we should stop eating and become photosynthetic by standing barefoot in the dirt and staring at the sun. Also that the government used airplanes to paint clouds in the sky, which was obviously fake.

He spent hours taking pictures of the sky as "proof." He became slightly less crazy after he came off of100 mg of Adderall a day and detoxed. Then he told me that men were more evolved than women, yet he couldn't work or clean or do anything but get drunk and play WoW.

Once, at a fair, my ex picked a fight with me and stormed off, supposedly to "leave without me." I knew this song and dance and sort of loitered around, waiting for him to come back. He did, and then accused me of "trying to look cute, so some guy would pick me up and take me home" and flipped out on me in the middle of a crowd.

Someone tried to step in, and my ex flew off the handle, accusing me of somehow knowing this stranger because he was standing up for me. Fun times.

Her mother tried to get me banned from an entire country. She (my ex) thought hitting men was alright.

She refused to give my stuff back to me when we broke up, and then put a police report on me because I went to go ask her after she left work if she could stop ignoring me and just give me my stuff back so I can go about my business. Oh, she also liked to try to be very manipulative during fights, and she once wanted to date her cousin (which she claims is normal in her country). 

Girl here and my crazy ex was a girl. We had only dated for a few months. In that time period, she had continually debated going back to her ex and made sure I was aware of this. Her ex supposedly had multiple personalities, and she thought I did too. She tried to convince me that I had multiple personalities, which I don't. At the end of our time together she invited her ex over and kept insinuating that we should have a threesome.

Eventually, her ex tried to kiss me and that's when crazy got crazier. She starts yelling at me about how I cheated on her and just went off. I grabbed my things, and I left. The best part of this was that she had paid for one of my biggest tattoos one month into our relationship. Worth the 3 months of hell.

Went to counseling with an ex who insisted our issues were directly related to problems with me. The doctor talks with me for a few days and clears me. Basically, I was a young guy and had much to learn, but I was normal. Our talks, however, bring up issues with her that are in dire need of discussion.

We're talking paranoia, separation anxiety, unrealistic expectations, and hyper-unsubstantiated jealousy. Jealousy to the point she demanded to know who the woman in my car giving directions while I was driving was when she called me (Garmin), and she deleted EVERY female off my Facebook. No, I never cheated on her, and she admitted she had no belief I was. When the doctor approached her to address her issues, she immediately discredited this doctor's opinion and refused to complete our counseling sessions.

A year ago, I semi-dated a guy for two weeks. Mind you, he was 25 and worked near my school, but one day I walk by, and he hands me a lunch he made for me. This continues for three days, and then he proposes to me. I sat there explaining for 6 hours why I couldn't marry him. He insisted, and then like that, he disappeared.

Not at the job, nothing. I don't know what happened to him. I didn't want to contact him on my phone, but I knew he had some troubling stuff going on with his family. I hope he's alright, but I was in no position at all to help him like he wanted me to.

We were having an argument about something silly, she got so mad at me that she punched me a couple of times and kicked me in the face. She then tried to throw herself out the window, but when she didn't succeed she tried throwing me out the window (second-story window).

Being a love-struck fool at the time, I tried to calm her down, but it didn't work. She walked home that night.

Dated a guy for a few months long distance. He started getting really weird, lying about stupid stuff and needlessly arguing, so I broke up with him. I got a letter covered in blood in the mail a few weeks later.

I forget what it said, just basically apologizing and begging me to get back together with him, and there were all these little rusty smudges all over it, then at the bottom, his name is written in the rusty color, and right below it says 'P.S. this is my blood.'

Not my ex, but I had a huge crush on one of my friends. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend (mutual since they were both graduating and going separate ways), so I thought I might have a chance with her. We started talking more, and eventually, she told me a secret. She left some stuff at her ex's house and asked to go get it. She told him it would be too hard seeing him again and asked him to leave the place unlocked.

Then she brought her mom and two sisters along and stole everything of value and trashed the guy's house. Smashed all the windows, cut up the sofa, kicked holes in the walls. She told him it was like that when she got there and that it must have been burglars since he left it unlocked. She wasn't mad about the breakup or anything, just thought it would be fun. Her and I are no longer friends and I really regret not tracking him down to tell him what she did.

My high school ‘girlfriend’ told me she had cancer after our first date. She asked me not to tell anyone and that her parents got really upset if it was mentioned, so to not talk about it with anyone. I dated her for six months. She turned herself anorexic to appear ‘sickly.’ Once I started making friends, no one understood why I was with her, and I kept her secret. Well, I finally put two and two together after she told me she was going in for chemo on a Monday.

She said she wasn’t going to be at school for at least a week. I caught her trying to hide from me before the first class and asked her how her chemo went. She said it went so well and that all her hair fell out, but they sewed it all together and sewed the wig to her head. Yeah… She was a special one.

My ex was a pathological liar – he lied about everything. I once was at his apartment waiting for him to finish work – he had invited me over. Well, I am texting him all night, trying to figure out why he wasn’t there yet. He finally arrives at around midnight, saying he has to leave right away to go fix something. The next day he is tagged in tons of pictures at a bar with coworkers. Another time I showed up and my toothbrush was missing.

He said my dog ate it, and he threw it out, but it ended up being in his closet. I would try to figure out why he was lying, and he would make me think everything was in my head. He ended up sending me into severe depression where I was doubting everything about myself. I was sick to my stomach for weeks. Lost a bunch of weight from puking and not being able to eat anything. Worst relationship ever.

My last gf on two separate occasions got drunk and fell down on the street, one time busting her bottom lip open, during heated drunk arguments and screaming, "he hit me" and "help he's beating me" while I tried to help her up. I've never been violent with a partner in my life. I stayed with this person for almost two years.

The most emotionally abusive relationship I've ever been in. After we broke up, she continued to tell people that I had actually hit her until I shared screenshots of a convo we had when we were together of her admitting it was all a lie told in the heat of a drunken argument. But even then, my current partner tells me that women are still warning her of my "history of abuse." I very rarely go out to bars or pubs anymore.

One of my exes was convinced that I was cheating on her with both my mother and sister, so whenever I spent time alone with either of them, I was bombarded with text messages and phone calls.

When my mother, sister, and I went on a family vacation to New York City, she was insistent that I sleep in the hotel’s fire escape because she thought I was going to have sex with them.

I dated this guy my junior year of high school and he was really obsessive, never wanted me to hang out with ANY of my friends, always wanted to go through my phone, and got mad when the screensaver on my phone wasn’t a picture of us. One time we had an argument at his house and I was just not interested in him anymore at that point and wasn’t sticking around for the argument and was leaving when he ran out of his house, to my car, and jumped into the passenger seat and started crying and refused to get out of my car until we had ‘talked about things’. We broke up soon after, and he started telling people that I was an Atheist and even made a Twitter so he could stalk me and also harass me.

I had been in a serious accident where a motorcycle was involved and the man that was driving the motorcycle didn’t survive, and he went as far as to make hateful comments about that as well, which is a low blow. This is why I make sure I’m friends with someone for a while now before I start dating them. Gotta make sure they aren’t crazy.

I told her to leave my house after I found out she had cheated. She grabbed a large knife from the kitchen and charged at me with it. I knocked it out of her hands and almost lost my finger in the process. She picked up the knife from the floor and cut her own wrist. It was the deepest cut I had ever seen.

I grabbed some paper towels and duct tape and wrapped her arm about 100x. I got her in the car and drove through a snowstorm to the hospital. I dropped her off and told myself I was done with her. Still traumatized by that night.

I had a boyfriend in high school who was abusive verbally. So I broke up with him thinking we’d just go our separate ways. Boy was I wrong. He went and cried, literally cried, to the guidance counselor. She hauled us both out of class, and me and Bradley had to talk it out. I told her I didn’t want to be with him because he yelled at me all the time and freaked out when I did something that he deemed wrong.

Which was pretty much everything. (He was the one who punched a hole in the wall of our economics class.) But she didn’t care. We couldn’t leave until it was ‘resolved,’ which meant us getting back together. I got out of that relationship when we went to different schools then he ended up in rehab and would have people sneak me letters. Looking back it was nuts and I was dumb for not doing more to be rid of him earlier and permanently.

My first boyfriend stalked me… Followed me everywhere, spray-painted threats on the road (on my way to school and back).

We saw the movie Saw together, so there were lines with ‘Anne, I wanna play a game’ and Many more written on the road Tried to kill, and he set my house on fire… All Because I broke up after 4 months I was 14… He was 15…I’ve always dates psychos…This was only the first one…

My girlfriend told me the week before I went to college that I got her pregnant knowing that we were not going to date long-distance. She sent me a picture of a stock photo pregnancy test she cropped that was positive I literally just Google searched ‘Positive Pregnancy Tests,’ and it was one of the first ones.

I made her come over and take another one. It was negative, she left.

Broke it off with an ex because all we did was fight. I moved on. She didn’t.

One time she showed up at my door wearing a long coat and nothing but stockings and heels underneath. I laughed and closed the door.

Dated casually for a few weeks and decided she wasn’t for me, so I called it off. Get a call a week or so later saying I gave her gonorrhea. WTF? Go to the doc, get tested with a thing down, Mr. Peehole.

Ow! The results come back, I’m clean. It then comes back to me that it was just revenge for breaking up with her. She was going to tell me she was pregnant and make me pay for the ‘abortion’ but was talked out of that by her best friend. I would have rather paid the money.

My Ex-girlfriend tried to hit me with her car. Chased me down an alley in which a fence too high to jump was on one side and condos on the other.

Proceeded to call me the next day at work and tell me that I looked like a sexy cheetah running away from her car.

I started going out with this girl, within a week of talking to her, she started sending me pictures of wedding cakes and wedding stuff… I was immediately turned off, and wrote her off as overly obsessive, but I was still attracted to her and continued the relationship. Later on, in the relationship, we both got really sick with the flu & sinus infections…I have health insurance because I have an awesome job with benefits, I quickly got better, and she was still sick. I dropped off some of my extra medicine off to her, and the next thing I know, she starts talking with her ex, breaks it off with me, and says that I was the obsessive one.

I’m still trying to figure that one out. That’s about as crazy as it got. One moment she was talking about getting married, the next, she would no longer talk.

My ex and I stayed friendly after our breakup. He started dating someone new. After he introduced us, he asked me what I thought of her. I had a bad feeling about this girl and told him that he should be careful. The more I got to know her, the more I just had this sense that she was bad news.

He laughed it off, trying to say I was just saying that cause I still had feelings for him. I didn’t. A few years later, he needs representation because she destroyed his business, his family, stalked and harassed him, and even had him under investigation by the FBI. Took him a couple years to clean up the whole mess. I totally said I told you so.

My ex planted a dog camera facing my bed before leaving. It took me a week to realize she had put it there.

She also rented the apartment directly beside mine and would monitor who was coming in and out of my place. She would then text my friends to see if we were “doing anything.” They could see her perched on her window, watching who was approaching while they were walking up to my apartment.

This girl I dated in high school for over a year was all kinds of manipulative and crazy. I finally broke up with her after she cheated on me. I decided to break up with her in her room at her house, so I could leave immediately. When I said it, she (without even thinking about it), grabbed her jewelry box and chucked it at her window. The glass shattered, and she started grabbing chunks of broken glass and throwing them at me.

Two hit me: one in the shoulder, one grazed my face. I ran from that house and made a point to avoid her at all costs at school. After she found out that I had told people about the encounter, she went even crazier. She came to my house in the middle of the night with a friend, who threw an entire barbecue through my bedroom window. Needless to say, we got the cops involved.

My ex-boyfriend called me and pretended that he had been hit by a car while we were talking. He even tried to voice the crowd that had gathered around his body. He wasn’t fooling anyone. I saw right through that god-awful acting. But it was pretty funny listening to him mimic a woman’s voice.

Points for trying to be inclusive, I guess. I think he was trying to get me to relive my trauma of being on the phone with a friend who actually had been hit by a car while we were talking. Which is a completely messed up in itself. Too bad he didn’t realize that hearing the real thing is wildly different than hearing an idiot try to act it out. Dodged a bullet with that one. 

I once was in a pretty nasty relationship. When we broke up, we’d both gotten this temp job that was scheduled way in advance. Soon, it was time for me to start my first day. I gird my loins, preparing for the worst, but what I got was something I couldn’t prepare for.

It happened while we were doing first-day introductions. During introductions, she stared at me blankly and asked, “What’s your name?” I was so confused, but I heard from a mutual friend that she was in a car crash and got temporary amnesia. Then I heard from another friend that she slipped in the rain. In fact, I heard a bunch of different stories and am forced to conclude that she pretended to have amnesia with multiple people in order to deal with our breakup.