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People Share Their Dark Family Secrets

7. Abusive Mother

My mother abused me my whole life and one day I finally couldn’t take anymore and told a teacher. CPS was called and as soon as my mom realized what was going on she raced to the police station and told them that an hour previously I had gone crazy and tried to kill my baby sister so that **I** looked like the crazy one and nothing I said would be taken seriously.

I was removed from the school in handcuffs and immediately taken to the county courthouse where I had to face my mother in a trial. I chose not to testify because I knew it wouldn’t help, but in the end, the judge realized that she was crazy and I wasn’t. I had the choice between being put in a psychiatric hospital for teens or going home, so I chose the loony bin. Five days later my aunt came from another state and adopted me.

My family doesn’t talk about it and to this day my mother maintains that I was a horrible child and I was “sent away” for my “own good” and that she is so happy I am better now.


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