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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

97. Your Weight Is The Problem


During my gap year before heading off to university, I worked the whole year at my dad’s furniture store.

He flew away to China for a couple of weeks, so I had to take over obviously. One woman was looking for a queen-sized bed but on the cheaper side of things.

I had one to offer her that she liked. And, with all the convincing and generous client discounts I was sending her way, she refused to buy it because she assumes it would break the minute she sleeps on it, saying the bed is “weak,” “flimsy,” albeit cheap.

I rolled my eyes in mockery and just told her that you’re just “BIG,” ma’am. Clearly, if you want a bed to withstand your weight, you should buy a bed strong enough for that.

I’ve had several cases where clients buy furniture that cannot withstand their weight and come a few weeks later to complain that the furniture is broken or damaged.



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