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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

95. The Annoying Underage People


I’m working at a liquor store, and it has its moments. It’s honestly crazy how many young people come in without ID.

A lot of them try to argue, “I was here yesterday/last week. I never get ID’d here, I know the owner, or I’m XX years old” I say things like, “Well, if that’s how old you are, you have to prove it to me.”

Or sometimes, if I’m feeling extra salty, I’ll tell them about the fines that could be incurred if I do serve them and get caught. ($5000 personal fine and the store gets a $50,000 fine) and then if they continue, I add the 55 grand to their total of whatever they are trying to buy.

Also, once, I had a guy who tried to “jokingly” threaten my coworker. We asked him to leave, and he said, “Sheesh, you guys can’t take a joke, don’t come to my comedy show,” I told him, “We don’t take jokes like that here, try it at airport security next time.”



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