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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

81. She Deserved It


We had a table that was pretty rude, and one of the waitresses had just told off one of the guys for grabbing her and basically told him not to touch her in a firm but not necessarily rude tone.

They seemed pretty angry, having just been told off by the waitress, and so when I took their food over, they were pretty much looking for a fight.

I put down a woman’s dish, and she yelled: “What am I supposed to eat this with?” I replied, “You could use the fork that’s right next to your plate, or would you like me to get you something else?”

She went red and yelled back, “Fine, I’ll just use this then!” And grabbed a tiny teaspoon that was meant to be used for stirring coffee which was right in front of her because she was too stubborn to actually use the fork she didn’t see. It was marvelous!



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