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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

70. My Best Comeback Ever


I was a FOH manager at a pretty nice chain, I remember one time these two men came up to my register.

Keep in mind I was a small 17-year-old girl at the time. They gave me some coupons that required a manager’s code and joked, “I hope you know how to use them, the last girl didn’t, and she had to go get a manager.”

Since the head manager had stepped out, I joked back, “Well, I hope I do since I’m the only manager here right now.”

One of the men laughed and said to the other one, “Wow, she’s a manager? I guess they really hire anyone here, huh?”

Without hesitation, I said back, “Oh, we really do, we are actually hiring for a dishwasher right now, you look like you’d fit the job.”

Immediately my chest dropped, but luckily the man took it well, and the conversation ended there, but I was so scared I was going to lose my job.



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