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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

68. Small Victories Are The Best Victories


A regular at the place I work will tap her martini glass with a fork, wait for me to turn and make eye contact, and then call across the room, “MORE MARTINIS!” or “WE’RE READY FOR OUR FOOD NOW!”

Sometimes I’ll see how many times she taps, because I know she knows that it’s trashy, and she’ll start to get uncomfortable but still keep going. So it’ll go:

tap tap tap


tap tap tap

Manager: hey, Ms. X is trying to get your attention.

Me: I know, give it two more.

tap tap tap

Me: Stay strong. One more…

tap tap tap

Me: More martinis, Ms X?

By then, she has the whole dining room looking at her sideways, which is enough for me.

Small victories are the best victories in the service industry.



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