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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

62. Go Ahead


Live in a small town, working in a Fish and Chip shop (one of two in the town).

We were a tourist town, and one of the main attractions was the award-winning fish and chips (top 5 in the county while I was there).

People in the town believed we were in massive competition with the other shop, we weren’t.

We had 25+ staff, they had around 7-8 and we were serving thousands more customers than them per week or even per day in summer.

So, on the rare occasion whenever a customer got angry they would simply exclaim ‘WELL IM GOING TO ‘INSERT SUPPOSED COMPETITORS NAME HERE’ INSTEAD, AND I WONT BE BACK’.

Like it was a big deal and would really hurt our feelings/business. We would simply tell them that we don’t want them back, and they should enjoy the food from the other shop.

We owned both shops.



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