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People Share Their Best Comebacks to a Rude Customer

42. I Made Him Cry


I worked the counter at a pizza place, and one day we were really busy. I had to manage 2 phones and walk-ins.

I’d have to put people on hold while taking care of other customers. This one guy had the worst timing because he’d call back when I was busy and not call when I wasn’t busy.

So this guy ets mad and drives to the store. He starts complaining and telling me how much he called.

I told him we were really busy and that I was the only one working the counter. The guy calls the store while he’s sitting down waiting for his food to see if I’d answer.

I answered, and he hung up while I looked at him. So when I gave him his food, I said, “Sorry for the wait, sir.

Have a wonderful night,” and handed him some coupons. He then felt really bad and started to tear up while telling me thank you.



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