People Share The Most Spiteful Thing Their Exes Did To Them

When relationships fail to work out, as they often do, one hopes that they can part ways with their former lover peacefully and cordially. Of course, this happens oftentimes but sometimes, you are left with a vengeful, bitter ex who seeks to make you pay. 

These 40+ individuals share stories of what their spiteful exes did to them that left them absolutely stunned. Read on and share in the horror.

1. Liar Liar Pants On Fire

My buddy’s ex cheated on him (with our roommate) and then turned into a super vindictive woman

The day she moved out, she filed a restraining order against him claiming that he was "prone to violent outbursts" and "a danger to himself and others" which is the exact opposite of this guy 

The most levelheaded guy I know was cheated on by one of his best friends, of course, he was prone to react. Armed with her shiny new restraining order, she weaseled her way onto the volunteer staff at the anime convention he attended each year and got his admission revoked 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t get a court date before the convention. Once he managed to get one, the judge ruled in his favor as he had a lot of evidence to support him.


2. Abandoned By Love

During my second deployment to Afghanistan, I deployed with a friend of mine who I now consider to be a brother. When we first started our tour, his wife told him she would write him weekly.

Other soldiers and I eventually found out that this was a big fat lie. This brother of mine went months without hearing from his wife.  The longer he didn't hear from her, the sadder he got. His morale dropped so low that my 1SG (First sergeant) suggested we put him on suicide watch.

About 9 months into our deployment he finally got a letter from her and he was really excited. What happened after was very unexpected, she had sent him divorce papers. My brother was completely shattered.

About 2 weeks later he tried to take his own life, but thankfully my commander was working late that day and managed to pull him down. The only way they wouldn't medically discharge him from the army was if he lived with one of us. He was already a brother to me, so I was more than happy to make room for him in my house.

He’s still living with me to this day and we haven’t heard from his ex-wife.


3. Junkie Problems

My ex needed a place to live so of course I let him move in with me in my small one-bedroom apartment that I worked about 50 hours a week to be able to afford. Before I knew it, rent money started going missing and needles started showing up in my apartment.

Little did I know that he had an addiction problem, and the dealers across the street were fronting him with product while he was also spending my extra cash on his ex-girlfriend.

After I confronted him about his problem he dumped me, walked out of the job that we worked at together, and had his ex-girlfriend pick him up. He had been texting her on my phone, the last message I saw from her before he got into her car and drove off was "I'm here to pick you up so go kiss her goodbye for the last time."

Meanwhile, the drug dealers across the street came after me for the front money, broke into 2 of my cars and I  ended up sleeping with 4 knives under my pillow until I had enough, told my landlord what was happening, and broke my lease.

I found out later he had also gotten her pregnant and had gotten her name tattooed in huge letters on his forearm. 

Needless to say, I don't trust anyone like I used to. 


4. Totally Cuckoo

Ah, crazy exes. The last encounter with this ex was an interesting one. We went to a stand-up comedy show and she began to heckle the comedian which automatically made her a target for his jokes. After that, she got pissed at me for not standing up for her she began screaming at me and we left.

By this time I am pissed and ready to take her home. She apologized, promised dirty things, and said that she would buy my drinks. I thought...a few more hours, I can deal for free drinks.

We head to a bar and we start drinking and the night gets better. She sees her hipster ex and uses him to try and make me jealous. Scrawny kid with tattoos, I literally laugh in his face which makes her upset because her ploy didn't work. She then proceeds to get so drunk I have to carry her to the car.

The next morning she wakes up before me and starts making bloody marys. By the time I am awake she is drunk again but now wants to be intimate. I feel like crap and just annoyed at her in general so I get all of her stuff together and march her to my car. On the drive to her house, she displays nearly every emotion in the book.

But then INXS starts to play and this girl is trying to choke me with 2 hands while I am driving 80mph on the highway screaming "I am going to choke you like this lead singer. You are going to die and nobody will miss you!".

Guess what? She wasn't wearing her seatbelt...BRAKE CHECK. BAM, her head hits the windshield and she starts sobbing all the way to her house. I literally push her out of my car at her driveway and drive off.

Over the next 24 hours, I received 178 missed calls from her. Never spoke to the crazy girl again.


5. Life Reset

We come back from a romantic 4th of July weekend. She dumps me 20 minutes after we get home, refuses to talk about it, has already made up her mind, etc. The next day she's banging some guy from her place of work, while we're still living together.

I leave for a six-month job halfway around the world. She gets a new place and moves, but while I'm gone tries to extort money from me, telling me she'll "take everything" if I don't cut her a check. I tell her to go screw herself and she does exactly as she promised to do; my apartment was practically bare when I got back (not even a single pot or pan to cook in), plus she trashed it on the way out (even messed up the bathroom floor, to add insult to injury).

That wasn't enough, however. While I'm gone she tells a pack of lies to everyone we know about how I "abused" and "tortured" her over the years, turning people I've known for decades against me. I don't know any of this until I get back when everyone I know refuses to speak to me. This last part was the worst; I figured at least some of these people would've thought to question what she was saying given her mental history, but nope, they all took her at her word.

So I not only lost the ex and everything I owned, I also lost every friend I ever had.

She really did a number on me. I can't exactly blame her, though, because she's had serious issues with mental illness in the past. It's more my fault for taking a chance and, as the internet says, "sticking my head in crazy".


6. So What?

This happened to my uncle a few years ago. He had recently divorced, and his ex was a crazy, bible-thumping woman who just wanted to see him suffer. She befriended a family friend who was helping my uncle cope, and convinced her to help get his kids taken away from him for being a drug addict (he smoked pot).

The family friend had a spare key to his house so the ex and the friend broke in while he was at work and took pictures of how messy his place was. They went into his room and started looking through his things. They went into his underwear drawer and found a small bag of weed and a pipe and took pictures of both.

He went to the custody hearing with no knowledge that they essentially broke into his house. His ex's lawyer handed the judge the photos and said because he did drugs he shouldn't have custody. according to my uncle, the judge literally said "So what, he smokes some weed, it was in his underwear drawer not on the kitchen table." 

He got joint custody cause the judge was a baus and his ex was livid.


7. Pure Evil

Well, this will feel good to get off my chest even if it's not as wild as some of the stuff I'm reading. My ex-fiance told people in my tiny little town that I was abusive, so much so that my new girlfriend had to field questions like "Is he mean to you?"

She took our dog and called the sheriff saying I was stalking her for trying to see it when we had agreed to split custody in the beginning and I was only showing up at the appointed time. Then she told the judge (and everyone else who would listen) that she did all the work in a business we started together, trying to kick me out completely and give me nothing for years of work.

I've spent three years trying to recover from it all. The lies people can tell are truly astounding and the fact that they can say them in your presence with no shame is shocking and disturbing. Trash, scumbaggery, the existence of evil -- love people but keep your eyes out.


8. Bring Back My Son

My ex filed a bogus Restraining Order not allowing me to see my son who I was taking care of while she was at work. She felt that I was going to harm him and her and then run overseas. The Court accepted the Order. 

Six months later, she calls saying, you need to start watching the baby again. I started watching my son again and then I asked her if my son could spend at least one night a week with me. I was retired from the police force due to an on-the-job injury and so I had the benefit of spending time with my son. She flat-out refused.

Long story short, after all the false allegations she stated about me, false kidnapping reports having the police knock down my door sending my son and me in shock, years of court proceedings and even though the courts and state social worker found her to a scorned woman and a rampant liar, they awarded her full custody. It's been 5 years, 6 months, 7 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes, and counting since I last saw or spoke with him. 

I cannot see my son, despite still paying $400 a month in child support, and he only lives 10 minutes away from me.


9. Dragged Me Down With Her

My ex-girlfriend and I shared a bank account after living together for 2 years...I know the groundwork for a happy ending. Well, she was saying she had a job when she didn't and was lying about money while I was working every day. So I broke it off with her and moved out then went to the bank to close our account. 

I was told both parties had to be there to close the account, but she wasn't coming around for a while. So I just took my name off the account and opened my own new one. Bank of America wouldn't screw me, right? Fast forward 3 months later, and I had a few grand saved up and doing well.

She wanted to get back with me, even though she now had a boyfriend. I had no interest anymore. Well, I go out to get some Gatorade before Ultimate Frisbee and none of my cards are working. I call BoA and they tell me that there is fraudulent activity. Yep, my ex had written $40,000 in fraudulent checks from our old account. 

The bank saw that I used to be on that account and drained it completely to cover the $40k. I am not a guy that has credit cards so this was my only source of money, period. I was flat broke and it sucked. I took her to court but she doesn't work so I hope one day to get a few dollars of that back.


10. Devious Ex

She hunted down my next girlfriend on FB through mutual friends and told them they needed to meet because she was worried for the safety of my current girlfriend and needed to tell her some things about me.

My gf at the time decided to meet up with her and broke up with me that night after my ex told her I used to beat her, that I was abusive, and that I slept around all the time and cheated on her, even said that I'd cheated on my current gf by sleeping with her (my ex) only a few weeks prior.

Not only did I lose my girlfriend at the time, but a lot of my friends heard all of this and avoided me like the plague afterward. I lost a lot of people who I thought were good friends.

Then, the ex called me like a week later saying breaking up with me was the biggest mistake she ever made and that she wanted me back. It was all a ploy to get me single thought I'd just take her right back since I was single.

The next girl I dated I told her right away that I had a crazy ex and what my crazy ex did. She said she was more appalled that my girlfriend at the time even agreed to meet her and that she would never listen to an ex over my word. We're getting married in a month.


11. Money Chaser

I had a neighbor who was a really good-looking skirt chaser. He spent his teenage years cheating on his gorgeous girlfriends and whatnot. By the time he was twenty-something, he fell in love with some girl and said he was going to marry her.

His dad is really loaded, and he was going to inherit his dad's company (or something like that), but he got into a car accident. He wasn't driving and he was wearing his seatbelt, but when the car was hit, he flew off the window. He didn't get any ugly-looking injuries though, just a scratch or two on his arms and a small bump on his head. However, from then on, he couldn't walk anymore and he couldn't talk either.

In fact, he could barely move at all. He spent a couple of years in bed being taken care of by his mother. That didn't stop his girlfriend from suing him though. He'd been bedridden for a couple of months when her lawyer started a fuss about how he'd promised to marry her and had stolen two years of her life with that promise. 

She actually sued him for not being able to marry her anymore. She'd been with him those two years prior to the accident only because of his dad's money. When she realized she wouldn't have any of it anymore, she freaked out.


12. I Hate Them Both

  My ex-wife started being intimate with my best friend of 14 years as soon as we separated, but I think there’s a possibility that it happened before that. Not only did she crush my soul but took my best friend who I looked up to. He was also married. 

I hear they had a baby now and he is still married. Whatever. I hope they both die painfully.


13. Erased Out of Existence

An ex burned my SS card, birth certificate, driver's license, and passport along with all my tax files, and snipped up my bank card, etc. She then attempted to get me deported saying I was here illegally. 

Only made for one annoying week of dealing with red tape and getting new copies of everything and getting immigration off of me. 


14. Justice- Not

I was working military police in the Navy and had to escort a guy to pick up his personal belongings at his apartment. Long story short, his supervisor was getting a divorce so this nice guy offered him a place to stay. The supervisor at some point started sleeping with his wife.

For six months the supervisor wrote the schedule so he could mess with the guy's wife while he was at work. When he finally figured out the deal (supervisor bragging to co-workers) he went berserk and was tossed in the brig. When we went to the apartment, the wife was there with their baby. 

The whole time she was talking crap, tried showing us stuff he supposedly stole from work. The guy doesn't say a thing, just sitting there packing boxes while she craps all over him. At one point he walks into the living room and asks her, "Where are all my clothes?". In the dumpster she says. 

We walked out to the snow-covered dumpster and pulled out some clothes -EVERY ITEM IS SHREDDED IN 1" strips. He walked back int into the apartment, turned to her, and simply asked "Why?". She replied, "he is a better man than you". 

In the end, the guy was totally boned, reduced in rate, and shipped off to another duty station and the supervisor stayed with his ex and wasn't punished at all. Ah, justice.


15. Experience Was The Best Teacher

My parents got divorced when I was 17 because my dad was a complete loser who saw my mother work 2 jobs while he sat at home playing COD and MOH under the auspices of "applying for work". 

He'd had several lucrative contracts in his day but kept getting laid off so he was an EI case. He suckered our family into buying a house we didn't want, getting cars we didn't want, and mostly doing things "as a family" that were mostly to benefit his vision which never flourished.

Throughout the divorce proceedings, my mother hired the best lawyer in town and has had to put her on a short leash - the lawyer wants to clean him out, but my mother's afraid that my younger sister will resent her for it when she's older (she's the only one in our family who maintains a relationship with the dad). 

He, however, would have everyone in town believe that my mom is a cast-iron witch who poisoned his children against him, took him for everything he's worth, and ruined his life. He spreads the most malicious rumors about her and he's a complete liar who is unwilling to accept any responsibility for why nobody in the family talks to him anymore - I haven't spoken to him in 5 years. 

There are no court orders or anything, he just gave up trying to be a dad and blames my mom for it. I'm not calling anyone here a liar, I'm just saying that through my personal experience whenever I hear the "witch ex-wife" stories, I'm a little skeptical.


16. Close Call

I broke it off with my live-in GF. We both decided to move out of the place. On the last day of the lease, she knew I was going to be over there cleaning it up. She called and said she left a present for me. It was a used condom in the middle of our living room floor.

Later, while I was cleaning up, she showed up TRASHED, and started trying to push me around. She wants something I have in my car so I go out and give it to her. It was a digital camera. I give it to her and walk back into the apartment to continue cleaning. She took the camera and smashed my windshield with it.

I continue to clean and my mom shows up to help. Next thing we know, the cops are at the door. She called the cops and said that I pushed her and hit her. I explained the whole thing. I was SOOOO close to getting arrested. 

Pretty sure the only thing that kept me out of jail was having my mom there.


17. Looter

I dated a hot/crazy girl in high school. I thought that I would be super cool and take her out to my parents' lake house. After we broke up a couple of weeks later, she and her boyfriend (whom she dated before, during, and after we were dating) rented a U-haul van and cleaned out the house of all of the furniture. She even stole my 8-year-old little sister's bunk bed. 

The only thing left was the fridge because they couldn't get it through the door. Dad found the house trashed and was pissed. We didn't find this out until a couple of years later when her boyfriend slipped up and got caught. He admitted to stealing our stuff since the cops were able to match the serial numbers on the washer and dryer.

I knew something was up when she called me up around Thanksgiving before we got the news about her boyfriend, and told me that she really loved me and really missed me. Stupid me thought this girl was coming around and we would get back and life would be great. Two weeks later I was giving my report to a detective and she is now currently in jail.

In hindsight, insurance paid us for all of the stuff stolen which was worth more than the current condition the stuff was in. The cops said all of our stuff was messed up beyond repair. FYI, she is currently in jail. And I am now married to the most beautiful woman in the world and she is my best friend with a baby on the way.


18. I’m Keeping Him

Not to me but to my mother-in-law. She was married for a couple of months and got pregnant. Her husband told her he didn’t want the baby. Being in a small town she had to drive several hours to the nearest clinic, where she waits outside for an hour or two and decides that she doesn’t need to give up the baby. 

So she calls him to tell him she can't do it. He hangs up on her. After a long drive home, she comes home to an empty home, everything including the ice trays in the fridge is gone. The only things left are a rocking chair and some of her clothes (he took some of them). 

He never shows back up.


19. Absolute Psycho

I dated this guy for about 3 months (December 2008- February 2009) and then I broke it off because he was trying to control me and I wasn't going to go through that again. Before we broke up he was living with me and subletting his apartment. Well once we broke up I wanted him gone. 

Unbeknownst to me he had gotten himself a residency permit which meant I could not legally kick him out. I spent 9 months fighting this. In the meantime he would slap himself in the face until it was bright red and then call the cops and say I was beating him, I would get arrested and then let out the next day when he decided not to press charges. 

Oh, and he did that about once a month. The apartment was in my name so I couldn't just leave it without penalty so I was essentially stuck. He had manipulated the police department into believing him so nothing I tried to get him to leave worked. Finally, in December of 2009, I met a new guy. Well, the ex decided that if he couldn't have me, no one could. 

He deadbolted my bedroom while I was sleeping so I couldn't get out and he told everyone I knew that I had herpes and had a history of getting knocked up which essentially ended my new relationship. I couldn't take it anymore. I called my dad, had him come pick me up (I lived 1300 miles from home), broke my lease, and got the heck out of there.


20. Not So Tiny

  My ex wrote a poem about my privates being small, it was like 10 verses long, and it was actually very good! She sent it to all my friends, but not me. I found out 5 years later she did this, my friend showed me it (she had sent it via MSN/email to everyone) and I was like "DANG! She owned me..." 

Luckily though, I had been intimate with her sister a year prior to discovering this poem, (not to spite her or anything, her sister just really likes me) so I guess we are even? I don't know... And anyway, it's not that small, it's okay.


21. He’s Somewhere Out There

When my ex and I were going through a divorce, he decided to share with me that a year and a half prior, he had in fact taken my dog (she was 14, had her since she was 6 weeks old) with him to work, dropping her off in the middle of nowhere on the way. 

She was afraid of him, but he lured her into his truck with the words that every dog loves, "bye-bye". He even left the gate open to make it look like she got out on her own. I had searched for that damn dog for months. 

In all that time, he sat back and watched me cry, put up posters, and go to every animal shelter around us.


22. Off To Paris

I came home one evening and found a note that she didn't love me anymore, had moved in with her parents, and would appreciate it if I could be gone during the upcoming weekend so she could collect her stuff. Stunned and stupid as I was, I complied and came back home Sunday evening to find the place completely empty. 

She took everything, except one thing: a 22-volume Brittanica she bought the month before, despite my protests, and had only paid the first installment for. When I asked for an explanation she told me that since I had a job and salary and she was a student I would be simply able to replace all the furniture and pay off the Encyclopedia. 

The first thing I did was sell the books (bought in her name) and I spent the money on a trip to Paris.


23. Uno Reverse

My ex set everything I had left at her house on fire. I'm talking about every single thing that was over there. She then proceeded to brag about it over the phone to me later.

"Even your GBA!"

“Wait, my GBA?"


“Listen, witch, my GBA is sitting right next to me. You set your GBA on fire.”

Take that!


24. She Really Hated Me

My ex contacted the local police, county sheriff, and ATF and told them that I had assault rifles, drugs, and bomb-making materials. She also told them that I was highly unstable and suicidal and that I would shoot at any law enforcement that approached my house.

In essence, she tried to have me killed. She also contacted my place of employment and said that I was suicidal and dangerous, and contacted various friends, family, and organizations with the same story.


25. Ungrateful Jerk

My ex was homeless, living on the streets in London. We met through a friend who put him up for a week. We dated and after a few weeks I let him live with me in student halls- yes big mistake but the guy had nothing.

I could have been kicked out etc anyway...I get him a job where I work and he starts screwing all the girls I work with. I found out months later and to put the icing on the cake, gave me chlamydia. By this time, he'd found himself a place to live, and a better job and applied to uni (he graduated last year)

No thank you for feeding him, and giving him my bed, just an STD, and a broken heart.


26. Stealing My Only Memories

While splitting all of our stuff during our divorce, she opted to claim ownership of every single photograph in the house, including the very small handful that I still had of my brother who had died years before.

I found them on accident while making sure she wasn't taking more than her fair share, and she claimed it was just an oversight that my five pictures were wrapped in an envelope, inside another envelope, and packed in the bottom of a box.


27. Just Leave Me Alone

She sent bizarre postcards under random people's names with gibberish written on them (3 postcards to my work and 3 to my apartment manager's office) which weren't even mailed but dropped off. She also sent a manila envelope to my apartment manager's office, which happened to be porno magazines, which were also dropped off. 

She called Pizza Hut to deliver $100 worth of pizza to my work, which wasn't paid for at all. She also got me on a mailing list for erectile medicine and Victoria's Secret which got sent to my work. She also took a ton of food items out of my apartment which was not hers, claiming it was hers because she bought them, using my money.


28. Are You Kidding Me?!

My soon-to-be ex-wife has alleged that I'm not fit to have unsupervised visits with my daughter, age 4. Before I left, after years of struggling to make things work, I was her primary caregiver. I even had to travel and appear in court on a show cause hearing because she obtained a temporary restraining order.

I was the working parent at preschool, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and did the grocery shopping. I was a freaking househusband and now she alleges I can't be trusted to care for my daughter for a weekend.


29. Liar And A Thief

She told me she had a miscarriage when she didn't, then after telling me I had a kid and the state took it away from her, she had someone else sign the birth certificate so I couldn't get custody. 

Luckily, I was able to challenge paternity and get custody of my child. She has since lost all rights to him, and my current wife has adopted him.


30. He Ruined My Life

The ex-husband cleaned out our joint bank accounts, dumped our cats into the woods, gave our dogs away, was in the process of starving our pet bird to death before Animal Control rescued it....took my car, but most horrible of all he made up a bunch of stories and had his family lie in court and I lost my daughter. 

I went from being a stay-at-home mommy seeing her 16+ hours every day to getting her 3 months out of the year. And I have to pay him child support. I found out the hard way that money really can buy you anything. Oh, and the crapstorm continues.

Our divorce has been finalized and he "won." Even so, he hasn't paid on any of my debt that was assigned to him by the judge, he often doesn't answer when I call to speak to my child, and he just got married 3 months after our divorce was finalized and he tells my daughter that she has two mommies. 


31. Trickster

  Around eight years ago, while still dating her she tricked me into getting her pregnant (sabotaged the birth control), and as soon as she got pregnant cut all contact. I tried to remain civil with her, and I have been up to this day but she quite clearly told me the only reason she started dating me in the first place was because she wanted a child, and I had never factored into her plans.

When my daughter was born she didn't put me on the birth certificate and put the father as "Unknown". Took her to court multiple times but she denied paternity was mine and the courts could not force a DNA test. She eventually moved and completely disappeared off the radar. I have an eight-year-old daughter out there somewhere who I have only ever seen once.

I think about her every day.


32. At Least She’s Happy

This lady and I split a few months ago, and out of nowhere, I got a random text from her, which happens to be a picture of her hand grasping an appendage of impressive stature. She began to explain how thankful she was I broke up with her so she could find such a thing.

I wanted to be mad, but couldn't, just kind of stared at the picture for a while thinking "Good for her".


33. Almost Had Me

My ex is a physician and an addict, so she can manipulate with the best of them. When we decided to split, it was quite clear who was in the wrong, and we agreed that the debt she had accumulated through her multiple tours in rehab (well north of $100K) would stay with her. We didn't have any children or any joint property to cause any fits over, so the divorce seemed pretty straightforward.

She got a lawyer to help push it through, and I was going to try to not get one of my own to save costs (obvious mistake). I was supposed to go to her attorney's office to sign some paperwork but was having trouble reaching someone at the office to make time to stop by. 

Her lawyer emailed her that day saying that he hadn't heard from me yet, and she forwarded this email to me, without realizing that she was forwarding me the entire email chain that she had with her counsel. Oops!  

In the email, she very clearly stated that she wanted to slap me with the rehab debt, stating that I was "complicit in her drug use" (totally false)! Needless to say, I went pretty crazy and immediately hired the most cutthroat lawyer I could find in the area. My lawyer was awesome (and cheap), and he routinely put her in her proper place.


34. The Nerve!

My ex broke up with me and took our jointly-owned car to another state. Proceeded to lose a series of jobs and fail to help pay any of our joint debt. (The agreement had been that he would pay it all, as I was a poor grad student and he was supposedly walking into a 6-figure salary.)

I had to track down his mom to get my name off of his car loan as he wouldn't answer my emails about it. I had to pay the remaining joint debt off myself slowly to preserve my credit (~$16k).


35. Forever Alone

Three years after I broke up with my ex, she found out who my new girlfriend was, somehow got her phone number, bought a disposable phone, and texted the new girlfriend that I was cheating on her. She used a different name and used her previous knowledge of a birthmark location and what I like to do in bed to effectively throw my new girlfriend into a rage. 

She didn't believe me due to the contents of the message and she left me. Guess, I’m doomed to be forever alone.


36. Ruined My Passion

My first serious live-in girlfriend cheated on me with several of her past partners. I could never catch her doing it but for a variety of reasons I knew. I was nuts about her though, and she lied like a politician. Finally, my best friend's older brother nailed her, on purpose, to prove it (uh, yeah thanks for that, I guess). 

I packed up my stuff and left, peacefully. But, I had forgotten to grab my art portfolio from behind the couch. I called her that afternoon and said I would be right down to get it. As I pulled into the driveway she dropped the lit match onto the gasoline-soaked pile of my entire life's collection of artwork.

Never did another piece of artwork again.


37. You Rejected Me, and I Destroyed Your Credit

Right after high school, there was a girl who liked me but the feeling was not mutual. She decided to cope with her rejection using the means at her disposal.

She was an assistant manager at a video rental chain. I had stopped renting there, but my rental account was still open. She started checking out movies under my name that I never actually borrowed. They would never get returned, so massive late fees plus replacement fees showed up on my account.

She also changed my mailing address in their system so that I would never receive the notices in the mail. It wasn't until close to a year later that I started getting phone calls from debt collection agencies. It took years to get them to stop, and it negatively impacted my credit because I had no proof that the debts weren't valid, whereas the video chain had computer records of the rentals.


38. How To Make Me Jealous 101

I worked the night desk at my dorm, and my ex brought guys home and had me sign them in. Then before my shift was over, she walked the guy out with her hair all messed up and in her super short shorts and a wife beater. She would always do this.

I look back and laugh now. Okay. That girl was the textbook definition of petty!


39. The Most Sincere Apology

My ex-girlfriend wouldn't let me off the lease for our apartment and had her new boyfriend move in with her. They had been intimate in the bed I slept in and on pretty much every surface of the apartment. She lied to her family and all of our mutual friends saying I was verbally abusive towards her.

Eventually, I won in the end, though when her dad called me to tell me he was sorry for raising a daughter who could do something like that, that he knew she was lying, and that I was a better man than her silly boyfriend.

Feels good man.


40. Leave Me Alone!

  An ex stalked me for 1 year after the breakup, made false e-mail addresses similar to my name, and e-mailed everyone I know telling them I was a bad person, or swearing at professors, etc... This girl called me 10+ times a day for a year. 

She also had the same treatment for any girl I had any interest in. She showed up everywhere I went and made it a point to ruin my life. Yeah, she was spiteful.


41. Don’t Move On Without Me

  My son's mother freaked out when I got engaged and bought a house with someone else, so she took off for months with my son and spent that time harassing and stalking me, filing bogus felony charges, etc. I told her my fiancee was pregnant, that it was an unlikely pregnancy, and that it was a very easy one to lose, so please stop causing us stress. Her response: "I don't give a crap."

She cost me my fiancee, the pregnancy, the house, and my new job. She ruined both of our lives and messed up the life of our son. All because I didn't want her. I told her at the beginning that I had met someone, that it was serious, and that could she please just act like an adult and share our son and everyone would move forward. She said yeah, sure, no problem. 

The day I told her I was getting married, she started her crap. No one's life has recovered since.


42. Backup Watcher

My ex broke up with me, nothing spectacular i need my space, and I'm not ready to date. However, less than a week later she showed up crying, saying she had made a mistake. I take her back only to have her immediately ask me to watch her apartment while she goes to Hawaii for a month with her family. 

I stupidly said yes to watch her apartment and take care of her puppy which wasn't potty trained. She gets back in town and is really distant right away and after being back a week and going out to dinner several times she breaks up with me again with the same lame speech only this time she met a guy in Hawaii and they are soulmates.

Turns out she had already made plans to meet him on vacation and she only got back with me because her friend who had agreed to watch her apartment dropped out because she had gotten a new puppy and didn't want to house-train it.


43. Longtime Cheater

  I divorced my Ex for cheating on me. I caught her red-handed and she told me "What!? We weren't being intimate, it's not adultery..." Anyway, turns out it had been going on for 5 years or so, she was a sneaky witch.  

After the divorce she told everyone that I wanted a divorce because I cheated on her, many of my friends stopped talking to me, some told me what was going on and asked what really happened, but not many.


44. Free Stuff

  After I broke up with him, he and his new girlfriend proceeded to post a dozen or so ads on different sections of Craigslist advertising "free" things (TVs, etc.) except with my phone number, address, and email listed. As part of the ads he made sure to write "Feel free to call and text at any time".

For a good 2 weeks, I simply had to keep my phone off to avoid the hundreds of phone calls I was receiving. Many people became irate after realizing that the ad was a fake, a few even threatening me. I spent a good few weeks in a constant state of paranoia.


45. It’s Not A Competition

My ex is trying and failing miserably at ruining my life. She and her new husband like to take my son on the exact same vacation that I did, but spend twice as much money to try and one-up me. 

She constantly tells him when he's not at my house that I'll have surprises for him when he comes back so he's disappointed when he comes back that there isn't anything. He's since caught on and is buying into her bullcrap less and less.