People Share the 'Dumbest' Thing Someone Has Ever Said to Them

"I have a "friend" who doesn't believe many things if he hasn't experienced them himself. Ex: He told me he doesn't believe allergies are real.

I asked: "Why not?" He replied, "Well, I've never had them. It's all in people's minds." -Reddit user JabberJaahs

"IT work a few years back. Had a director blow up after day two of trying to resolve a complex firewall issue that was affecting the finance department receiving invoices.

And I quote: “STOP trying to figure out what the problem is and JUST FIX IT !!!” -Reddit user Wispirer

"You shouldn't drink carbonated water, it's full of carbs!" "I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I almost lost brain cells when I heard that." -Reddit user Cultist902

"I was told that if I did some breathing exercises for six months and then checked my blood sugar, my T1 diabetes would just disappear." -Reddit user Frobun11

"A friend of mine asked me why we didn't see stars when we flew over them. She truly believed that when you were flying on an airplane, you flew over the stars.

I was speechless." -Reddit user Outrageous-Crow-5359

"From a family member, years ago, "My husband and I are having problems, so we're trying for another baby. That should make things better.

" I smiled inanely and walked away, stunned." -Reddit user Krissy_ok

"My grandma's friend and her daughter said they could hear the International Space Station fly overhead.

It sounds like "wooosh," lol." -Reddit user thebookofrook

"Was talking to the cashier at a 24-hour Tesco's at about 1 in the morning, and he said: "I don't mind working nights because I'm a necrophile.

"Me: "Do you mean nocturnal?" -Reddit user chayay123

"Do they have a Bible in Spain?"Said during the third year of a Spanish class by a girl taking religious studies as well." -Reddit CustomiseMC

"Just because you cheat on your spouse doesn't mean you have a bad marriage," said a Friend of mine, bemoaning the demise of his marriage." -Reddit user Kajzi

"I don't mean to stereotype, but you look too white to speak Spanish" after I told my college suitemate that I was taking Spanish courses.

Coming from a girl that always denounces stereotyping." -Reddit user (deleted)

"I’m an Optician (person who sells glasses) I had a patient complain to me that when he takes his glasses off everything is really blurry but when he wears them everything is crystal clear." -Reddit user schwsher

"My son was 2 years old. He has always been very tall and spoke clearly in complete sentences early. This lady in a grocery store asked how old he was and I replied.

She proceeded to tell me I was wrong and that she worked with kids, and he was clearly at least 3 or 4. I ignored her, and she kept pushing. So I replied she was probably right and I just didn't know the age of my son." -Reddit user somethingaboutbeer

"Not me, but my brother, his wife is a pharmacist.

A friend introduced him to his fiancé, and upon hearing my brother's wife was a pharmacist, she went with, "Oh cool, I've never known anyone who worked on a farm before." He tried to correct her, but she doubled down with, "I think I know what someone who works on a farm is called." -Reddit user KingThermos

"At my son’s funeral: A lady walked up to me as I was sobbing and said, “Well, at least you are young enough to have other children.” -Reddit user grandmaWI