People Share Stories Of How They Met And Got Married

Couples have their own stories to tell. Some are romantic and silly, and some come from an accident. Nevertheless, they ended up living happily ever after.

Have you ever been to a point in your life where you’re just looking at a couple, wondering how they met and what story they have?

Guess what? These people from the Reddit Community shared their stories of meeting their partners. Check them out!

1. The Room Barger

The first time I met my wife was Halloween. I was sitting out a year of college working, but I went to a costume party at my old fraternity. I was pretty stupid drunk pretty early. 

Somehow, I ended up in my buddy Eric’s room watching TV by myself. This girl barges into the room, looks at me, and says, You’re not Eric!” To which I reply, “Neither are you!” 

It turned out her roommate was hot for Eric but too shy to talk to him, so her roommate decided to go find him. Two weeks later, the room Barger and I got set up on a double date with Eric and the roommate. 

That was in 1991. We have three kids, and our youngest will have our first grandkid in December.


2. Small Talks

A friend of mine in High School looked suspiciously similar to a friend I had in kindergarten. One day:

Me: You know, I knew a <her name> in kindergarten, and she looked a lot like you.

Her: Yeah, I also knew a <my name>, and they had exactly your hairstyle.

We look deep into each other’s eyes.

Both: Oh


3. Textbook of Fate

He came to the door to borrow my sister's textbook. No one would answer the door, so I dragged myself out of bed and answered the door in a nightgown and curlers (hey, it was the early 80s, ok?).

He told me he was there to see my sister.

Without a word, I nodded, turned around, and screamed, "SISSS-TURRR," turned back around, said, "Family intercom system," completely deadpan, and left him standing on the porch while I went back to bed. 

Married me anyway, 38 years on the 21st.


4. Getting Him Back

When I was 13, I met a girl, Debby, at summer camp. She talked about her horses and attending the big interstate fair yearly with her 4H group. On my 13th birthday, I went to the fair and looked Debby up. 

She agreed to go to the carnival with me but wasn't all that interested (I can't blame her, 13-year-old me was a dweeb). She brought along her annoying girlfriend, Rene, to keep me from getting too fresh, which worked.

I was determined to get Debby alone, not knowing why, so I took the girls on the Tip-Top ride. Rene got sick, got off the ride, and puked. Debby and Rene used that as an excuse to split, and I never saw Debby again.

A beautiful new girl with long black hair moved out on my school bus line three years later. I was immediately interested and began a (much smoother) conversation. We went out a couple of weeks later and went to a carnival. 

She took me on the Tip-Top, and I puked. 

That girl was Rene. We were both three years older and anyway, we'd been married for 41 years.


5. The Name

I had just started dating this guy, and he came over to hang out. My roommate was complaining about her coworker Pam. 

Me: Who names their kid Pam anyway? Only witches are named Pam.  

My date said something that made me awkward and speechless.

Him: My mom's name was Pam.

His dead mom. Anyway, we're married now.


6. Artsy Moments

During college, I got sexiled by my roommate a lot (she was on and off with her sweetheart), so I went to the common room area of the dorm to knit to kill some time (I had a pretty view of the campus). 

I started talking to an art student who was drawing there and ended up talking for hours. 

We had been married for 4 years and together for 10.


7. Just Toddlers

So, back in the 70s, our families moved to a new farming town. 

Our church was doing a fundraiser by planting potatoes, which would then be sold to help with building costs. 

Parents were busy and put us toddlers in a dry, empty cattle watering tank/trough. Little did they know, they made our path.

Anyway, we’ve been married 25 years now.


8. The Bridge Friend

This is my parents' story, but they don't use Reddit, so it's up to me to tell.

They met at a party held in the home of a married couple, of whom my mother worked with the wife on a magazine, and my dad worked with the husband at the local university. While prepping for said party, my mother's friend convinced her to wear high heels, which she almost never did.

A few hours into this party, the wife of the host couple steered my mother into the kitchen, where my dad was hanging out. Without warning, the host took my mother's hand, pulled it behind her, pushed it into the small of her back, and said, "Sorry, but this needs to happen. [Dad], meet [Mom]."

And then she shoved Mom off her high heels. Mom fell. Dad caught her. And, the way my mother tells it, "People from the magazine ran one way, and people from the University ran in the other," probably because they thought she would kill the host.

On their first date, Dad walked into a light fixture and gave himself a black eye. 

They've been married for 32 years.


9. No ‘Not Allowed’ Here

A co-worker's boyfriend's brother came up to stay with them. "We have to have you out for dinner with him. You have a lot in common. He likes nerdy things, too. You're not allowed to date him, though."

Definitely dated and married him. 

The co-worker and now brother-in-law broke up around the time we got engaged - he's better off without her.


10. Moment of Silence

  Went on a date with a guy. We’re at the park after dinner, watching the sunset. He was really funny and telling jokes.   

I got the giggles and accidentally let a fart trumpet out, proceeded to laugh so hard I peed my pants. 

Anyway, we’ve been married for 14 years.


11. A Good Pal

My boyfriend cheated on me with a girl his roommate introduced him to. 

The roommate felt bad when he found out that I had not, in fact, been broken up with first and told me what had been going on.

Anyway, we're married now! :D Eight years married, second child arriving in six weeks.


12. Different Attorney

So my brother's college roommate called me for legal advice because his crazy ex was being super crazy.

Anyway, we've been married now for 7 years and will be married in November. Two kids and a house.

Him: Hey, I got your number from your brother. Remember, we all chilled a few times? Umm. Remember my crazy ex?

Me: Oh, hey. Sure! Which crazy ex? The one who stabbed you, the one who stabbed others, or the one who stabbed herself?

Him: The one who stabbed me. Twice.

Me: Oh yeah. She sure was crazy.

Him: She sent me a letter accusing me of criminal stuff I didn't do. And demanding I pay tens of thousands of dollars or she'll send her new, even crazier cop BF after me.

Me: Bummer.

Him: You're the only attorney I know. Can you tell me what to do?

Me: I cannot. I am an insurance attorney. You need a crazy people attorney. I don't do crazy. I'm allergic.

Him: Okay, but I am freaking out. Can I take you to Chilli's and discuss this?

Me: Sure. But I will tell you that you need a different lawyer.

A few days later.

Me: Thanks for the tacos. You need a different lawyer.

A few months later...

Me: We should probably tell my brother we're dating. This sitting-on-the-opposite-sides-of-the-room-on-Super-Bowl-Sunday thing is weird now that we are boning exclusively.

A few months after that.

Me: Dude, your stuff is here, and you work remotely. Why commute? Here's a drawer. (I won't stab you)

A few months after that.

Him: If you want a 400-people wedding this fall, we gotta book a venue pronto.

A year after that.

Me: If this pregnancy is twins, I may stab you.

(It wasn't twins. No stabbing was had.)


13. The Magic of Lunch

  My great-grandparents met because my great-grandfather was delivering the newspaper to my great-grandmother's house, and her brother thought he was trespassing and tried shooting at him. 

My great-grandmother felt bad and bought him lunch. 

They were together for over 75 years and lived a very happy life.


14. The Angry Customer

  I met my husband when I got a new job at a grocery store, and the guy from the deli came up and yelled at me for hanging up on customers when I couldn't figure out the phone transfer process.  

He was that guy from the deli, and anyway, we're married now.


15. Drink Responsibly

My uncle met my aunt while crapping on the side of the road drunk while his friends laughed hysterically. She was walking somewhere that I don't remember.   

He then stared at her for a solid minute and passed out. She started laughing, and they started dating 2 days later. 

Anyway, now they're married.


16. The Food Request

Mom once went on a date with this older dude who lived in a basement and had two kids by two different women.

He cooked her pork chops and baked beans (the Heinz type in a can with tomato sauce)

Mom was too picky. 

Mom: Uh, is there any salad?

Dad: There are beans!

Mom: Any gravy for the meat?

Dad: The beans come in sauce!

Anyway, they've been married for 30 years and have me!


17. Liquid Face

  I had a cold and went on a date to an Irish pub. I was eating bangers and mash and had the urge to cough. I tried to keep my mouth shut but just wound up spraying his face with gravy and mashed potatoes through my pursed lips.   

I was still coughing, so I sipped my drink to soothe my throat. It was beer. 

The bubbles tickled my throat more. I also spit all over his face. He stared at me in disgusted horror as gravy, mashed potatoes, and beer dripped down his face onto his shirt. 

I laughed and laughed and laughed, making my apologies sound very insincere. Anyway, we're married now.

Thank goodness our booth had high backs, so only he suffered!


18. That Guy In Class

In second grade, I was voted class favorite (why was this ever a thing? Horrible idea for a kid's self-esteem) along with a weird fella who I had trouble believing anyone even voted for because he was pretty reserved and bland. 

In the fifth grade, I remember the same guy getting called to the front of the class to write his answer on the board. He was awkward and dressed accordingly. 

The girl seated behind me very quietly commented, “Mmmm. His booty looks like it is eatin’ his pants!” Only I heard this, but it was a humorously accurate observation. 

After fifth grade, I never saw him/ heard from him again until we were 21. He showed up at my house to purchase a vehicle we had for sale after my dad passed away exactly one month earlier.

I only recognized him after my mom wrote his name on a receipt for purchasing the car. I reminded him of our time as class favorites, and my mom made a show of breaking out the yearbooks. 

Anyway, we’re happily married now!


19. Opposite of Ideal Man

I swiped right on someone who was the exact opposite of my type. Short, big teeth, not ambitious, really skinny.

He was leaving town the morning after our date. He was a good half hour late to the date, muttered softly, and was bad with eye contact. 

I only went on a date because I'd had really messed up stuff happen to me, and I just wanted one date with someone that wouldn't lead to anything just to feel normal.

Anyway, we just had our first kid.


20. Game of Love

I was working at a video game shop, and he was hired to DJ the midnight release of a game I didn’t care for. He comes in and waits in the giant line of people finalizing their preorders before midnight. 

When he gets to the register, I ask him if he’s here for the premiere. Still, he says he wouldn’t be caught dead playing that game and proceeds to purchase a different, older game, which I later find out he already has.

He asks me when I finish my shift and to swing by the DJ table when I’m off. I do indeed swing by, and now we’ve been married going on 5 years with two cats and a recently purchased home. 

He proposed by sticking the ring inside the case of the game he bought that night.


21. Love is in The Air

I was flying a short-haul domestic (1.5-hour flight). Sitting next to this beautiful woman, I found myself doing the opposite of what I’d typically do in that situation: I made small talk with her. 

We chatted for the entire flight and did not want it to end. But in the end, the flight did, and we parted ways without even exchanging numbers. She was a visitor to the country, and I expected never to see her again.

A few weeks later, I’m boarding an international flight, and there she is, on the plane, about 10 rows in front of me! After takeoff, I asked the lady next to her if she’d like to swap seats with me, as I had an empty seat next to mine - she accepted. 

We spent a 12-hour flight chatting again, this time a lot more deeply.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and we married less than three months later.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. She passed away less than a year after we were married. But that time we had together was perfect, every last second.


22. All Those Times

I met a girl online about 20 years ago, one summer after college, and found out we live in nearby towns, so we decided to get together.

Go out on a few dates and drive by a local preschool.

Me: Hey, that’s where I went to pre-school!

Her: That’s where I went to pre-school!

That day, we found a preschool class photo. There we are 2 feet from each other.

A few months later, my dad found some old footage of a Christmas play our preschool class put on. 

We’re standing right next to each other.


23. Quick Proposal

  We had been dating for two months. Driving around one day, I told him about my little sister and how a boy at her school had a crush on her. 

I laughed as I said he proposed to her and said, “She’s only 5. I’ve never had anyone propose to me.” without missing a beat, he said, “I’ll marry you.”

Anyway, it’s been 9 years, a house, a kid, and two dogs, and we are married now.


24. Notable Smile

Eight years ago, when I desperately tried to make it as an actor, I answered an audition call for an unpaid role in a sitcom pilot that two friends had written together.

It was in a basement flat in London. My mum warned me to be so careful. The door was opened by a charming guy with a crooked smile, and a video camera was set up facing the sofa.

But the audition went well- not only did he NOT murder me, but they offered me the role there and then, and we all went to the pub to celebrate and get to know each other!

In our first conversation, the crooked smile guy and I joked about wanting to name our (respective) future kids after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Raphael is twelve weeks old today. He has his dad’s smile.


25. Out of League

  I was in 8th grade, and she was a year younger. I had a thing with her best friend. I was walking home with said best friend when she joined us. 

Absolutely lost it inside when I saw her. Looked so beautiful and cute walking home with her violin in hand. Her parents had a rule about dating til she was 16. They came around eventually. Not for a few tough years. 

Today was 8 years together. We have known and been hooked on each other for 11. Getting married in May of 2022. 

I still wake up daily and realize how lucky I am to have her.


26. Messy Woman

  So we went downtown to college to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday. My date for the evening had a few too many cocktails. 

We ended up getting kicked out of the bar because she used the utility closet as a bathroom. I left to walk her home. 

But anyway, we’re marrying next month.


27. Handled Him Best

Our first date was a disaster of epic proportions. It ended with me yelling at her and her paying the check while I was in the latrine just so she could get out of there quicker.

Anyways, we're married now, over 8 years strong. Two kids.

I can't see my life without this beautiful, crazy person, and I like to think she feels the same way.


28. Almost Lost It

On a first date at a Starbucks... we were getting to know one another, and the conversation turned to the general location/neighborhood in which I lived.

I mentioned the name of the apartment complex I was currently living in... which she ended up being quite familiar with... being a 911 Dispatcher local to that area (in South Florida).  

Her: Wait... you’re not one of those rehabbers, are you?

Me: Yes... yes, I was.

After that, there was a good minute of silence, a few awkward attempts at some more small talk, and the date ended.

But... anyway, we’re married now.


29. Fate Did Its Part

20 years ago, an exchange student transferred to my school for the year. Although we didn't talk a lot, we had so much in common, and it was really lovely to talk with someone with super different views on life. 

Surprisingly, we played the same instrument (we had the same guitar model). Anyway, she returned to her home country after the year ended, and I never spoke with her again. However, she fascinated me with her culture, so I researched a bit. 

Eventually, a year later, I could transfer to her country through a program. I got placed in a random school throughout the entire country. I joined the school's light music club, and as I walked in on the first day there, I opened the door and guess what I saw: the same girl playing the FUDGE out of her guitar.

I kid you not. As soon as we made eye contact, I just sat there with my jaw open in disbelief. I dropped my guitar to the floor (causing a chip I can still see today, haha). Anyways, fast forward to today, and we're married. 

[Wife asked me to add this part] We formed a band for the school's summer show. After our performance backstage, with all the adrenaline running through our veins, we kissed/confessed our feelings. (it's not as romantic as you'd think; from an outside view, it was probably seen as two awkward teens pecking. 

We both were sweaty and smelly, and I had face makeup all over me haha!) she makes fun of me, saying that I would've never had the guts otherwise, but seriously, what are the chances?!?!?!


30. Accident Blessing

In college, this girl "fell on me." I was sitting beneath her bed watching a movie in her dorm room by ourselves as a "bro night." I thought she was super cute, but I didn't think I had much of a shot with her. 

We had also just become friends not too recently before that, and I didn't want to ruin this nice connection we had been developing. In any case, she kinda jumped on top of me. 

I had been a wrestler in high school, and she mentioned how she wanted to pin me. She definitely didn't pin me, though. Even being out of practice in college, I still (gently) kicked her back.

Later, that girl said she missed a cuddle partner and wanted to spend the night in my arms. Which I assumed to be non-romantic cuddling. I declined, worried that I'd made it awkward somehow. It took me a bit to put those pieces together. 

In any case, we're (soon to be) married now.


31. Stuck Like A Glue

I met this girl. 

She started calling me, and then she showed up every time I went out to eat or to a movie. Sometimes, I would come home from work, and she would wait outside my place for dinner. 

The last time she came over, she never left. Sure, she goes for a bit but comes right back. 

Anyway, I said why the heck not, and we are married now.


32. The Ring

We met gaming online and became friends. We are from different countries. In mine, engagement rings are not a thing, so diamond rings are not related to marriage but are in his.

I don't know how the conversation went. I said, "Someday, I will buy myself a diamond ring," and he said, "I will buy you a diamond ring," and the mood got awkward...

Anyway, we are married now!!

3 years later, I still don't have a diamond ring, lol


33. Communication Issues

Met a guy on a dating app, texted for 3 weeks, and almost canceled our first date because it was raining, I was tired, and someone had hit my car parked on the street.

He got to the date, and he didn’t speak English and had been using Google Translate to text me that whole time.

Anyway, we are married now.


34. New Life

Years ago, in the early days of the 'net, I met this girl on Yahoo Personals. She's trying her best to get out of a bad life and casually mentions that she used to be a dancer in various clubs around the area. 

On our second date, she's over at my house. I had this 5-year-old picture of my 21st birthday at a local strip club. She saw it and pointed out that she was front and center in the photo.

Happy ending time: She did get out of her bad life (at least, I hope she feels that way!). We have been together for sixteen years and married almost twelve. She completed her GED, then went to nursing school, and has worked a decent job for the last 10+ years. 

She has also made other amazing personal strides that I cannot share, but let's just say she's become an amazing person and someone I'm proud to call my wife.


35. Attracted What You Hate

We couldn't stand each other. I was dating their best friend, so we kept having to interact. Eventually broke up with the friend for other reasons but stayed close.   

I kept having to interact with the person I couldn't stand for years. We kinda grew on each other. 

Anyway, we’re married now. 


36. Funny Name

A friend of mine was secretly playing Pokemon at high school when he found a picnicker with the same name as me. He found that funny, so he whispered it to another mutual friend who was sitting next to him. 

Him: What's so funny?

Them: Look, it's a character named for thefuzzybunny1

Him: Who?

So, later in the week, during a lunch period, they introduced him to me. 

Anyway, we're married now.


37. Just Wanna Play

Be me, 6 years old, trying to hang out with my older brother. He's in high school and has a female friend over, but I wanna play Zelda, dangit. So I pester him and his friend until they play with me, and his friend responds by hogtying me and putting me in a closet playfully.

Fast forward eighteen years, and she and I are dating and have a house together. It's still annoying; I still get tied up, and some things never change.


38. A Matchmaker

  I was on the phone with my sister one day, and she was telling me about her new job. At one point, she said, "I have a co-worker who is definitely your type." I laughed a little since I was in a (monogamous at the time) relationship and living in an entirely different state. I'm married to a co-worker now, and we have two kids.  

The slightly longer version is that I moved up to where my sister was living, and she got me a job working with her. I met the guy, and we started hanging out because we had a common interest and few people to share it with. 

One night, he was dropping me off at home after a hike, and I invited him in for some food. He never left. Eventually (after a few months), he returned to his house to gather his stuff and bring it back to mine. 

And the rest is history, I guess. Our five-year wedding anniversary was last weekend.


39. Wrong Judgement

I met her in chemistry class in high school; I was the new kid. ( 10 years ago.)

Wife: Can I sit somewhere else? This kid looks dead-ass annoying.

The teacher laughed and sat me across from her as a punishment so she'd have to look at my face every day for the school year.

Now we are married and have a 3-year-old.


40. Turning of Events

  Twenty-four years ago, I was giving an internet friend dating advice regarding the new guy she was with, who was in a different country than I was.   

They didn't work out and eventually broke up. The guy and I vaguely knew each other online and started chatting after their breakup.

So anyway, we're married now.


41. Lucky Confusion

I, a woman, met a nice man at an LGBT event for our law school. I saw him around campus once afterward and waved at him. 

Seemingly, out of the blue, I got a direct message from him asking me out, which confused me because I assumed he was gay.

Anyway, we’re married now.


42. Apple Of The Eye

Always thought the produce guy at Winn Dixie was cute when I was in middle school. Cut to me at 16, and the produce guy is now a meat cutter guy. 

He checks out at my register every day for lunch, but he’s 20, so he never hits on me or anything. Cut to me at 19, and we ended up in an art history class together in college. 

I cheated on his test, and he got in trouble. 

Anyway, we’re married now. 13 years.


43. Joke Led to Eternity

This guy I didn't know was at a friend's farewell. We all sat down to eat, and when he found out I was vegetarian, he made some fun of it and then asked, "Why are you a vegetarian?"

I responded: "To spite you."

We spent the rest of the evening quipping back and forth. It was like no one else was there. 2.5 years later, we're planning to get married soon.


44. Awkward Past

Met when we were both working in the cafe at Barnes and Noble. I had worked there before and returned for my rehire interview. I saw him standing in line, wearing regular clothes, and getting coffee. 

We smiled at each other, and I was immediately in love. I went in for my first shift back, and he was there! He spent the whole shift complaining and asking to go home without acknowledging me. I was so embarrassed and felt like he hated me.  

We were there with two other girls, so I approached him and said, “What, you don't like being surrounded by women?" (It's something I feel really bad about and have apologized for.)

He looked me dead in the eyes and said coldly, "Don't flatter yourself," and walked past me...

Anyway, we're married now.


45. Unexpected One

I fell down when I went sledding with some of my friends. I open my eyes and see a guy looking down at me.

Next thing you know, he STICKS HIS FINGER IN MY NOSE. 

Anyway, we've been dating for 2 years now.