People Reveal The Weirdest Thing They've Caught Someone Doing

"Went for a jog one night, and my usual running path goes down a street where a friend of mine lives. I noticed his bedroom light was on, so I crept up to his window to see him playing the most hardcore head-banging air guitar I've ever seen in complete silence.

I don't know what possessed me to knock on his window, but that guy flew the hell out of sight in the blink of an eye and never came back." -Reddit user Rawhoth

"I was sitting in class in high school, eyes wandering around the room due to boredom. I see this portly, pimply-faced fellow picking a zit. I thought, 'damn, that's kinda gross.' Then he ate the puss.

I gagged, looked around the room for any fellow witnesses, of which there were none, and kept my eyes straight ahead for the rest of class. To this day, it haunts me." -Reddit user bean-in-the-world

"I was at a house party, and we all crashed in the living room afterward. I woke up early in the AM to get some water, and as I was walking back to my couch, I saw my friend pissing on his wife as she slept on a recliner. She wakes up and says, "Did you piss on me?

Not again! You can't do this in someone else's house!"
-Reddit user Hank_Scorpio

"My ex and I fell asleep on the couch with the TV on. When I woke up in the morning, he was already up eating a bowl of cereal and following Dora's commands.

"Make a funny face!" was when I could no longer laugh stealthily."

-Reddit user Benya_Benya

"When I was like ten years old, I was at some beach and walked into the change room/toilets to find some naked 60-year-old man standing on top of some benches slathering shampoo all over his body. I just 180'd it out of there and told my brother to go inside.

He came out with the biggest "WTF" face ever, lol." -Reddit user Simulated_Reality

"I was at universal studios, waiting for my buddy to come out of the bathroom. I watched an older man play golf.

He set down a tee and imaginary ball, lined up his shot, and looked into the distance before doing a hushed cheer."

-Reddit user NoviceApproach

"I was downtown once and saw a man eating a whole rotisserie chicken off a baby changing station in a men's bathroom, straight out of the little clear plastic tray in came in with his hands.

The guy didn't look homeless or anything either." -Reddit user The_Unpologist

"One of my buddies was laying on my couch in pure silence, staring into nothing while playing with his armpit hair." -Reddit user deleted

"I looked out of my window to see our neighbor, who had been thrown out by his girlfriend, stripping off in protest of her throwing him out. I don't know why he felt the need to undress.

It was the middle of December, and he was just standing/sitting outside her house, yelling in his underwear until she came out and threw water over him." -Reddit user rebel_nature

"Not me, but my friend saw his brother eating Chapstick.

His mom bought a Costco pack, and he watched as his little brother would eat them in one bite, tube after tube." -Reddit user MissArizona

"I was eating dinner last week at a restaurant.

Some guy, who was a waiter, but who was NOT MY WAITER, walked up to my table, moved my silverware, then walked away." -Reddit user Abraham_LinkedIn

"I once walked in on the weird girl at our office using a paper towel and liquid dawn soap to rub under her pits. That was the end of my appetite for the day.

I mean, we've all done it at one point or another. But do this in the bathroom, not in the kitchen at work." -Reddit user Wackydetective

"One morning, I woke up before my alarm went off, but my roommate was already up. I just shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep because it was far too early for human interaction. He was talking to himself about all the things he needed for class, which I can't blame him for because I do that too. But before he left, he just said, "Alright.

Bye, Mike." I'm Mike. He said goodbye even though I was "asleep." I like to think he does this every morning. Haha." -Reddit user Mr_Mimiseku

"My ex-housemate in the first year of university microwaved his underwear.

This was two weeks after he asked quite casually if it would be ok and we obviously told him it wasn't." -Reddit user deleted

"I came out of the elevator of my residence at university and found two girls (who were basically in a skirt and bra) eating spaghetti straight off the floor with their hands." -Reddit user 12mangoman