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People Recall The Wildest High School Senior Pranks In History

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, high school is all about that drama. You do get to graduate four years later, so you now understand why seniors are always cheery and always celebrating. Of course, that celebration is also followed by epic pranks. The senior prank is usually used to create as much confusion as possible and to make everyone, including your teachers remember you! Get ready to hear about the craziest pranks nobody would have thought of!

20. The Glued Coins

“We glued some coins to the floor in the corridors and on the counter platforms of the school snack shops. We then proceeded to record every person who tried to pick the coins up in the corridor and their repeated attempts, which of course, failed miserably. The snack shop coin videos were even more hilarious because people kept trying to surreptitiously swipe them off the counter and they wouldn’t budge. We then played all the videos during the graduation ceremony in one corner of the entrance hall to the school using a projector we repositioned from one of the conference rooms.” – The_Versatile_Virus This high school senior took the old prank of glued pennies to a whole new level! Seeing a montage of all those people struggling to get the pennies off the floor or off the counter platforms was probably the highlight of their graduation ceremony!

“We combined our senior prank with our senior gift for our band director. We took his old desk chair, brought it up to the top of the 2 story watch tower that he stands on to watch us during marching rehearsals, and threw it off (filming his reaction of course). Then, when he brought us inside to yell at us, boom, there was a new chair sitting at his desk.” — anjn79 Nobody wants to see their office chair getting thrown from a tower! We can only imagine the horrified look on the band director’s face! He certainly didn’t expect a new one!

“We took screwdrivers with us to school and randomly unscrewed things over the course of months – non-essential screws so that whatever we were removing screws from was still left intact. A bucket of screws was later delivered to the principal with no context.” – masterCAKE If we were the principal, we’d start wondering how long before something gets broken, considering a bucket of used screws was definitely not good news!

“About 30 years ago the senior class bought 10,000 business cards that simply said “Class of 1985”, and hid them everywhere. Under couches, behind paintings, in books in the library, in ceiling tiles. Needless to say, the cards are occasionally found even to this day.” – Anonymous If you were thinking how to make an impression, then this is how everyone will remember you! Now we want to meet the class of 1985 and ask them… why?

“Our whole class gathered into a circle in the front of the school and pretended that two kids were fighting in the middle (screaming, video recording, etc.). Eventually the school’s police officer and some teachers pushed everyone away to find two kids playing a game of chess.” — EmeliaClarkeDoMe Not something you’d expect, right? We think that the teachers’ reaction was priceless, as they were ready to scold the ‘fighters.’

“A kid in our Facebook group suggested everyone bring in 2 watermelons, so there would be like 700 water melons lying around the school. As a result, everyone and I mean everyone in our grade brought in 2+ watermelons, so our school was covered with watermelons.” — mattlitz96 There’s strength in numbers, they say. And when you have around a thousand melons in a school, you can count yourself a very impressed teacher.

“At graduation about 10-15 of us each had our own tubes of glitter and at the end when they say, we give you the class of 2012 or whatever instead of the graduation caps we threw the glitter in the air. The principal was not impressed.” – Amj9412 You do realize that thing never comes off, right? Try clean glitter and you’ll see it’s impossible! The school will be filled with glitter for the years to come!

“The seniors had our principal arrested with the help of our school security, and we recorded it all.” The officer managed to convince the principal that his motorcycle was stolen property and that, since he was claiming ownership of it, he would have to go to the station — in handcuffs — and answer some questions. —Caitlin The prank was caught on camera. The funny thing is that the principal had a good laugh when he got out of the office with the police behind!

“Weeks of hushed conversations. Rumors spread. Administration got wind of it. Started asking questions. “What is Operation Catfish? When will it take place? Who is responsible?” No one broke. This was to be the greatest prank in the history of the county. The day came. The plans were set. Teachers posted throughout the halls like sentries. Nothing happened. We catfish’d ’em.” — Jitzkrieg That’s the ultimate psychological prank that messed with all the teachers’ heads! Who would have thought Operation Catfish was actually the students catfishing their teachers?

“We went to a tiny school that had a room with couches and things that you had to go through before you got to the classrooms. We got there early, stacked up all the furniture to make a barricade to block the entrance, held French flags, and played the Les Mis soundtrack whenever someone tried to get past us.” — Alex If that isn’t a great prank, then we don’t know what else is! We cannot stop but wonder who cleaned that up, though?

“Our school always held its staff meetings in the library at the same time each week, so all the seniors brought in alarm clocks, hid them throughout the library, and set them to go off at about 2-minute intervals. The entire meeting was derailed because by the time they’d found one, the next one was going off.” — Angelica Pendleton Try to hold a meeting through all those alarms, we dare you! The fun part was that it was all similar to an Easter Egg hunt. A very annoying one, considering the noise…

“The parents of one of the guys I graduated with owned a construction company. He and a few friends ‘borrowed’ a crane and put a VW Bug on the gym roof.” — Minerva Good old times when teenagers take pranking to a whole new level. They even got featured in the paper!

“We bought a bunch of cheap bras at the thrift store and hung them up all over the senior patio, thanking the school for the support. Oh, and then we had a water balloon and shaving cream fight in the parking lot!” — Amber If it’s one thing we love, it’s the puns! Seeing so many bras in the senior patio, with that message must have been more than hilarious. When we read about the shaving cream fight, we were in tears!

“I went to a Catholic high school, so the rules were pretty strict. Two guys from my class went to the quad and set up a root beer pong table and started playing. Well, within minutes, most of the faculty was all over them and shutting it down. It turns out it was a diversion for an epic food fight in the cafeteria!” — Reagan Let’s say nobody thought that the (root) beer pong part was only a diversion for a bigger prank!

“We accumulated the money together to buy a cow, then made it walk up the stairs to the second floor. For those who don’t know, cows can only walk up stairs, not down (the way their joints work). They had to get a crane to lower the cow back down.” — Stamora It’s absolutely insane, and we can only root for the poor cow that had no idea why there’s a change of scenery!

“A bunch of seniors got to school at about 5 a.m. and brought in tons of sand, a kiddie pool, lawn chairs, a volleyball net, and a booming stereo.” — Rachel Forget about pajama parties at school… This was the best beach party ever! These seniors were really eager for the summer to begin, they couldn’t wait any longer!

“My senior class bought an old VW Beetle, removed the seats, rolled it onto campus in the middle of the night, managed to put it around the flag pole in the middle of the quad, and then filled it with cement!” — Cat You could say these students were building their own art sculpture. The question remains if the Beetle became the new school statue or not…

“The seniors built a full-size jungle gym and stuck it in the middle of our lunchroom. The best part is that they’re donating the set to a school that can’t afford playground equipment this weekend.” — Holly Having a new gym is great, but not in the lunchroom! The prank did end with a charitable deed, so we must congratulate the students!

“The seniors rented a petting zoo and put it on campus during lunch.” — Lexi That’s not a bad idea at all! Coming on breaks to cuddle animals helps with the stress.

“The seniors filled the swimming pool with Jell-O. It had to be drained.” — Sarah Stultz As much fun as it would have been to swim through Jell-O, the school staff decided to let go of the slobbery mess and drain the pool.


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