15 People Who Realized Their Partner Was Savage After Moving In With Them

Monster Housemates

Everyone has bad habits or odd quirks. Some show up right off the bat, while others take time to appear. 

Many are livable while a few are infuriating. But once you move in with someone, there are no more dirty little secrets. From cute blunders to yucky behaviors, these people have shared their discoveries…

Forgetful Monster

"My girlfriend keeps some of her cooking stuff inside the oven. I guess it makes sense, but not when she preheats the oven and forgets there are things inside. 

One day, we ended up with a melted mess that took forever to get clean again. The house also smelled terrible." -- Bobby, Florida.

Insane Monster

"Honestly, who does this?! I saw this on the table and had to sit down. 

And if you think that’s bad, I saw the entire pantry like this. I’ve moved in with a monster. It’s not just my OCD that’s having a meltdown, the word “stale” and “mice” didn’t seem to bother him." -- Elizabeth456.

Experimental Monster

"My husband was always a tinkerer. It’s more for fun and relaxation and I didn’t have a problem with it because he could stay outside with it or test in other places. 

But lockdown has made me want to strangle him. Two words … potato … cannon." -- Beatrice, London, England.

Lazy Monster

"You know how people want to make a good impression on their dates? 

They’ll clean up before visits and have fresh sheets or whatever. After I moved in with my beau, I noticed the toilet paper rolls never made it into the trash. Does he think they’re bad luck to throw out or something?" -- amaz342g

Artistic Monster

"Being bored is the worst thing that can happen in our house.

 It means my husband is on the loose and trying to do something fun and creative. Add YouTube tutorials with an old can of paint and suddenly he thinks he’s Picasso. Guess who had to clean it up after?" -- TracyG111

Candy Monster

"I was like YAY! Free candy!” I down a handful and it wasn't what I expect. 

Who mixes M&Ms and sour skittles together? Have I married a monster? Not going to say anything though because technically I’m not supposed to have any of her “stash” – oh well, lesson learned." -- YoyoMacgiver

Prank Monster

"My boyfriend loves to prank me. Sometimes I think it’s funny, but it’s mostly annoying. 

I might die of an early heart attack one of these days. He thinks it’s hilarious and won’t stop. I’ve asked but he says I need to have a better sense of humor. Advice?" -- Lost in LA

Electronic Monster

"We were in the middle of spring cleaning. It was one year since we had moved in together. 

I opened one closet and pulled out the boxes. This is what I found in one of them. Yeah, how can someone have this many cables in one big knot? If I unravel it do I get to rule Persia or something?" -- Hank45

Gross Monster

"Ew, ew, ew! I decided to stop cleaning the little things around the house to see how bad my boyfriend would let them get. 

This is our remote control after just a few months. I honestly don’t want to even watch television anymore. Who lives like this?!"-- GimmeBleach

Litter Monster

"My girlfriend got a cat. She’s a bit of a germaphobe – I know it’s a weird combo – but she tries to keep things really clean. 

I was about to make some coffee when I noticed the litter box scoop in the sink… just floating there smelling like a toilet and bleach. I’m not sure what to say to her." -- MarselMarzMoby

Bottle Monster

"I think my wife is an emerging hoarder, or she’s interrogating suspicious condiments and literally squeezing every drop of intel from their crippled bodies so she can rise to the top of the Heinz mafia.

 I think these are the valuable captives that still have more info to drain. I’m not sure which one would be worse." -- KetchupConfused

Cake Monster

"I’ve married a monster! Seriously who lives like this? We aren’t savages. Learn how to use a knife, man! 

Can you tell I’m triggered? The brownies were beautiful, but now they’re just a pile of chaos. I’m wondering if he does this so he can eat the whole slab." -- 123Amelia321

Icecream Monster

"I was so stoked for some ice cream. I mean like “I’m going to drop kick someone if I don't get it” stoked. 

I opened the freezer and pulled out a (new) tube of cookie crumb crunch. This was what was waiting for me. Uh, surprise? April Fool’s Day? Either that or my boyfriend is a total jerk." -- Stacy

Horticulture Monster

"I’ll admit I’m not the neatest person. My laundry situation isn’t anything to brag about. 

But I found this small garden in one corner cupboard. I asked her but she said it was my Marmite and she had left it there to see how long it took for me to notice it was leaking." – optimusprize

Fruit Monster

"I have one rule … don’t mess with my strawberries. 

We were watching a movie one night, I leave to get some popcorn, and this is what I come back to. I’m sharing a bed with a total psychopath. Just wait though, when he least expects it, I’m going after his power bars. The bloodbath will be epic." – Rorydoor3