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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

92. Want To Steal My Customers? I’ll Point Them Right To You


I am a hairdresser who rents a booth in a salon, as do all the stylists that work there. The owner of the salon is one of my best friends, so after closing the salon that I operated for 20 years, I joined her team and am really happy.

I have a wonderful clientele except a few (which I’ll get to in a bit), and I get along great with my co-workers except one, Kate. She has a grating personality, and for the most part, I can just let her comments roll off my back. She doesn’t have a clientele which leads to her having way too much free time, which she uses by pestering the rest of us while we are with our clients and butting into conversations that should be private.

Recently I had two of my clients tell me that when they called for appointments, they were told that I didn’t have time for them and that Kate would give them a discount if they came in with her instead, but they would have to come in on a day that I wasn’t there so that my feelings wouldn’t my get hurt.

Well, that a load of kaka because everyone in the salon knows that if I don’t have an opening for someone when they call, they are to take down the name so I can call them personally to work them in. When I confronted Kate about those instances, she just shrugged and said that I was too sensitive and besides I was too busy, so she was really just helping me out.

Onto the petty revenge- I have a few customers that I have been trying to get rid of for years. You know the ones- they are never happy, always late, don’t tip, and generally APITB.

I decided that if she wanted my customers so bad, I would feed her the ones that I wanted to get rid of anyway. So when they had trouble getting in with me, I would tell them that I was booked out for months, but they would be really happy with Kate. She told me yesterday that she didn’t know why all my rude customers were her problem now.

My days are better, it’s a bit easier for my customers to book with me, and she is always in a bad mood for having to deal with unhappy customers so much of her day. Plus, a couple of my other co-workers have started doing the same.



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