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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

88. They Were Not Amused 


So, driving down my parents’ back lane to pick up my two daughters, 20 feet from my parents’ driveway, a truck is sitting with its flashers on sitting in the middle of the back lane, blocking the whole road.

I sit for a bit, waiting for her to move, and the lady yells at me, ‘I have my flashers on, I’m going to be 10 minutes, go around the block.’ I would have had to pull a U-turn in a back lane, drive 500 feet, take two left turns, drive 600 feet, two more left turns, 100 more feet to get into the parking spot that was now 20 feet away from me.

The two ladies in the truck were unloading groceries from the back of the truck at a very cumbersome pace. So I respond, ‘Can you pull ahead 20 feet or pull into the empty driveway (yes, they had a spot they could have pulled into) to let me pass?’ To which she responds, ‘No, my flashers are on, I have 10 minutes to unload.’

I was having none of this nonsense, so I turn my car off, put my flashers on, go to my parents’, get my mom’s keys, reverse her car into the back lane, and put her flashers on.

I now have my vehicle and my mom’s vehicle blocking them in. They are finishing their unloading of groceries and start to go off on me, saying they will call a tow truck and so on, and several other verbal abuses, to which I respond, ‘My flashers are on, I’ll only be 10 minutes.’

I moved the car five minutes later, the people in question were not amused.



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