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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

87. Return Your Cart, Always


First off, I’m handicapped. My mom and I stop by a busy grocery store, where the handicap spots are usually always full… Just as we’re turning in to park, some lady decides that the best place to leave her shopping cart is smack dab in the middle of said spot.

I look around to see that there are TWO cart pens nearby. My mom honks at the lady, and she turns to look at me. I point at the cart, but she just keeps walking and gets into her car. So her car is almost directly behind us, and the way we’re situated blocks her from getting out of her spot. Instead of pulling up to the cart, removing it, and finishing parking, my mom slowly disembarks and returns the cart to its respective spot.

At this point, I can see the lady getting impatient. She even tries to back up and squeeze through to no avail. When my mom gets back in, I remind her of her unanswered texts.

We get some laughs in, and we finally decide to pull up into the spot and let her through, but just as we move, a nearby car starts to back up, blocking her in yet again. From her side view mirror, I can see that she’s fuming at this point. When she finally gets out, she speeds out of the parking lot.



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