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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

84. Sleep Well 


So, this neighbour and I have known each other for more than ten years now. She would sometimes come by to borrow ingredients or some other kitchen stuff when she didn’t have what she needed.

Her dad would regularly say hello on the street, her brother and I would tinker together on our motorcycles. Just normal friendly neighbour stuff.

Then one day last year, I noticed, by accident, that she had kicked me out of her Facebook friends list. Well, ok then. Life happens. She would still wave hello when we saw each other in person, so who knows what went on?

Tonight though, I saw her take the same bus home as I did. When our stop came, she was fast asleep. And she was still sleeping when the bus drove off. Hope she has some nice dreams, it will be at least an hour before the next bus comes back from where she is headed.

Edit: to those saying that I should have been kind to her: After all those years of helping her whenever she needed help, I asked her for some help in return, once. I had locked myself out of the building and wrote her to ask if she could open the door.

She never answered, but the next day she had kicked me out of her friends list. Had to wait for some 4-5 hours outside in the cold that day until another neighbour went through.



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