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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

83. Revenge On A Traffic Line-Cutter


So this morning, traffic is totally backed up due to a fender bender at a construction zone. Karen decides to blast by everyone in the left-hand-only turn lane and force her way in the upfront. She has an older Ford SUV, covered in dents and road rash.

Lots of middle fingers and horns express their displeasure at her move. She ends up right next to me. I hatch my evil plan. I roll down my window and honk at her. She ignores me. So, I wave at her nicely and point to her back tire. Then I motion to her to roll down her window.

‘Your tire is really low! You might want to pull over to the gas station and put some air in it! Here, I’ll let you in front of me!’ She smiles, says thanks, and pulls into the gas station. I drive off as she’s getting out to check her perfectly fine tire.

The gas station exit is right where the accident was, it probably added 20 minutes to her commute to pull in there and try to get back out.



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