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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

81. Have Some More Snow


I live in New Jersey, and we just had a snowstorm, so I thought I could make some quick cash by shoveling driveways. I start off and do a couple of houses and make about $80 (pretty good money for me). So I go to this house, and this lady says that she will give $50 for shoveling her driveway and sidewalk.

I finish about 20 minutes later. I go up to the door and knock, but she won’t open, so I go to the back door and knock she still doesn’t open. Then I see her looking at me through the window, but she quickly turns away and pretends like nothing happened.

At this point, I realize that I just got tricked into doing a ton of work, and I’m not getting paid. I start to walk home and then remember that my friend who lived down the street has one of those machines that clear snow. (Let the revenge begin).

I borrow it from him and run down to her house. I turn it on and blast that snow that I shoveled and some more all over her yard. Then she rushes outside and starts yelling at me, but I return the machine to my friend’s house and go home.



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