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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

66. Labia Piercing


This dude in my accounting class in high school used to ask me for answers to questions, only to spout them to the teacher like he’d worked them out, thereby looking like a genius and getting credit for my work.

One day, our teacher comes into class with a pierced tongue and is talking sort of funny. Terry, as his name is, proceeds to use it as a point of conversation. “Hey miss, do you have any other piercings, like your ear?”

“No,” she responds, thinking he’s making an inane conversation. “Would you get your nose pierced?” He keeps asking, just to prolong the time before class starts.

As usual, he leans over, asking for help. “What are some other good things to ask her?” I was annoyed that he always asked for my help to benefit him, so I thought I’d have some fun.

“Labia, ask if she’s going to get her labia pierced.” “What is a labia?” he says. “Oh, sorry, it means eyebrow, that’s like the piercing name for it”. Like how a tragus is that nose piercing, yeah?’

“Oh cool! Hey miss, are you going to get your labia pierced next?” Every girl, and especially the teacher, in the class, looked at him like he was trash, and he tried blaming me, but I brushed it off gracefully.



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