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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

65. The Song That Never Stops


I had two jobs, one was at this country ice house…in the middle of nowhere outside of my city. This place was pretty small but was one of the few bars in a certain area, so it would get busy. A lot of good ol’ boys and oil field guys. I worked the door, checked IDs and such, and usually broke up fights or kick people out.

One night some trouble happens between some regulars, and one guy tries to hit another guy with a pool stick. I happened to get hit in the arm but got behind the guy and put him to sleep.

Next day the manager calls me to tell me I’m being let go. Apparently, the pool stick guy spends a lot of money, and me putting him to sleep left him bitter, so he called the owner. That’s fine.

Anyways the bar has a nice fancy jukebox. If you have the app, you can just pick songs on your credit card, and they’ll play. If you hit play next on a song, even if they turn the jukebox off, it’ll play when it starts back up. It’s also unskippable. With the master remote, you could skip a song, but they lost that remote, so they really can’t do much if someone plays a certain song they don’t like, and even if they unplug it, it’ll play no matter what when they turn it on.

Here’s my petty revenge: The owner does inventory every Tuesday night. It also happens to be a busy night because they do pool tournaments, and it usually gets packed. So here I thought, I could probably just play the same song over and over, and there’s nothing they can really do.

I got twenty bucks in credits, and that usually gives you about 18 unskippable songs. Plus, more depending if the app gifts you credits. I picked a remix of Cotton Eye Joe that comes in at around 7 minutes a pop.

Usually, when the pool tournament started. Two hours of hearing the same song have killed their business on Tuesdays. Even if they unplug it, it’ll still play when they plugged it back up. I’ve been doing it for two months so far, last I heard, they had to buy a new jukebox at a cost of $5,000. I’ll probably stop for a month and then start again. 



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