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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

63. I Cost My Neighbors Over $100,000


My neighbors have 9 cars in total parked in the street. They always park two of those cars in front of my house and won’t move them the whole week. We have a regulation where u live that you can’t leave your car parked for more than 48 hrs in the same spot. My neighbors have a pretty big driveway where they can fit four cars, but it’s always empty. They have told me they don’t like to leave their driveway with cars because it looks tacky.

Over half the cars they have, they don’t even use them. They just use them to safe parking spots for themselves. In 2021 I noticed they were building a second unit I’m back of their main house.

I noticed that they completed the house in under a month. This raised some red flags because it takes anywhere from 2-3 months, with city inspections taking the majority of the time.

I submitted a ticket with my city through the app and advised them that there might be some illegal residential buildings without permits. I didn’t think of it much until a year later. I noticed my neighbors tearing down their second unit last week. Word got around our block that a city inspector was there, making sure everything was being torn down.

Based on what the materials and labor they put into their second unit, I cost them over $100,000.



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