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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

61. She Cried Out In Pain


I was about 12 when we had our first dog. It was the cutest, fluffiest little thing, we named him Sugar. My dad’s girlfriend, at the time, was an alcoholic.

Our puppy was only about ten weeks when she thought it would be a great idea to let it outside without any supervision. The poor little pup was run over by a car and was killed. She had one job: watch the puppy for 2 hours. No, she wasn’t drunk when we left.

Our family was devastated, my father even cried. This devil woman then proceeds to tell us she was too drunk and simply forgot the dog was outside.

A few weeks later, I was still incredibly upset and angry. I went to the bathroom and noticed she had left her contacts in the bathroom. I opened the case and put soap in the contact lens solution.

That morning as she put those contacts on, I heard her cry out in pain. She had irritated eyes for a week. I thought it was a small price to pay for killing my puppy.

My father was a little upset, but he had no proof of my wrongdoing. I finally disclosed what I had done drunkenly to my father on my 25th birthday. We laughed and took a shot of tequila. That psycho is out of our lives, and we couldn’t be happier.



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