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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

58. Call the Police on Me? I’ll Get You Towed


Where I live, I share a backyard with about five other houses. It’s a strange layout, where five houses are back to back and form a sort of circle. Due to that, I legitimately thought that my neighbor’s trash bin was ours, as it was right next to our parking spaces.

One day, I had the police come to my house and say that the neighbors called them for using their trash can. If I continued to use it, they would take me to court and issue a citation. This was the first time I realized the trash can wasn’t ours, and of course, I then asked my roommates which trash bin was ours and started using the right ones.

The neighbors then came up to me and said that if I don’t pay their trash bill, they will proceed to take me to court. Otherwise, I cough up $100, and they will leave me alone. If they had simply come up to me and asked me to stop, I would have immediately noticed the mistake, apologized, and explained.

However, rather than do that, they took advantage of the situation to get me to pay their bills. At that point, I was pissed. One thing I knew is that they illegally parked their car in the street after parking hours.

Where I live, you cannot use street parking from 3 am – 7 am. So I called the parking department about the constantly illegally parked car.

The next day, the car was missing. So everything that they just got from me to pay their bills immediately went to the towing company.



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