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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

57. Got Revenge On A Rude Customer


I’ve been working at a Subway restaurant for the past two years, from the end of high school through my first year of college. I take classes in the morning and afternoon, so when I work, it’s usually a closing shift (only working 15 hours a week, full-time student).

The only issue is that I close by myself, so it really toys with my anxiety whenever I get in a rush, or can’t finish certain duties by a certain time, etc. So by the end of the night, I’m usually so out of it mentally and just want to get home ASAP (we close at 10).

So tonight, I was closing like usual, and I really wanted to get home as early as I could to finish an assignment due at midnight.

Of course, with my luck, it turns out to be one of the busiest nights we’ve had in a while because they recently sent out coupons for BOGO footlong after 4 p.m.

So by the time 10 rolls around, I’m finishing up the dishes, cleaning the line, counting the bread, wraps, bowls, etc., and I go to lock the door at 10, and as I’m turning off the open signs, a guy walks in, and I tell him, ‘Sorry, we’re closed.’ He wittily responds: ‘Then how’d I get in here?’ I respond: ‘I was walking to lock the door right now, you have to leave, sir.’ Him: ‘No, I want a sandwich.’

At this point, I’m just thinking if this guy’s ballsy enough to tell a business worker to stay open after hours because HE wants service, then idk what he could do. So I decide to make him his sandwich to just make him go away. He proceeds to take a good two to three more minutes just staring at the menu, omg I was fuming, every dagger imaginable coming from my eyes was hitting his stare.

I make his sandwich then we move to the POS/cash register. I go to put in the sandwich, tell him his total, and he pulls out a $50 dollar bill. I get so excited because we can’t accept bills over $20, and I pray he doesn’t have any other method of pay.

I tell him the bad news, and he, of course, gets angry, saying to break it any way, well good thing I just dropped most of the money from the register into our safe before I went to lock up, so I literally couldn’t give him proper change for the $50.

I explain it to him as I slide his sub to the side where he can’t reach it, and he just leaves in a fit of rage. I proceeded to then take that sub home and eat it whilst finishing up my assignment and turning it in on time.

Honestly, if he wasn’t such a commanding douche, I would’ve just given him the sub and told him not to worry about it. But if you’re gonna force me to do my job past our posted hours and be rude about it, you’re not getting a break.



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