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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

52. Be Nice To Your Roomie


So I posted on here a little while ago about my roommate using up all my baby wipes, and he said to me he would stop.

Well, the past 2 days, he started doing it again, along with using my toothpaste and not even….being kind enough to put the cap back on after using it.

A couple of days ago, he said he has a girl coming over and would like to get some action and leave him alone. I said, ‘OK, no worries.’ So about an hour before she came over, I pretended to leave and said I am heading out for the night.

Five minutes later, I snuck back in while he was making dinner for the both of them. I got to my room and hid in there, knowing that for a fact at some point in the night, she would ask to use the bathroom, and I needed to poo.

So 45 minutes goes by, and she arrives, and I am just waiting. About 2 hours after she gets there, I hear him go to the bathroom. AH perfect! He went first! Now time to take a bowel movement.

I run into the bathroom and go as quiet as I possibly can. A huge load. And I don’t flush or put the lid down. I go back to my room and wait… There she goes, into the bathroom. She was in there for exactly 6 seconds and came out. 7 minutes later, she leaves.



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