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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

50. That’s What You Get By Being Rude


So, I work in a big clothing store. Since this is the last week before Christmas and our store is pretty big, I expected to have more people on a shift to cover up everything. But I was wrong.

The amount of customers is double compared to other normal weeks, so we are pretty understaffed. I was working in the changing rooms. My job was to keep them clean, make sure that people are respecting the COVID guidance, and putting back the clothes left by the customers. There were many customers, a huge line, and a lot of frustrated people, but I was doing quite a good job.

As I was minding my business, a lady shouts to me from the last changing room, ”You there, bring me an S for this skirt.’ I went there, and she told me that she has the perfect Christmas outfit in mind, but she needs an S for the skirt she was trying on now.

I told her that I will bring it, but she will need to be patient since I have a lot of work to do. Five minutes later, as I was ready to go and bring that skirt, the customer once again shouts, ‘Where is the skirt?’ I once again go there, and I nicely tell her that I was about to go and bring it. She says, ‘Forget it, I’ll bring it myself, looks like nobody does any work in this store.’

I nicely explained that my job is not to bring clothes to customers but to take clothes from the changing room and put them back, but I wanted to be nice and do her a favour by bringing that skirt. She said something about me being useless and goes back to change.

At that point, I was really annoyed with her entitlement, so I went and took the only S left from that skirt in the entire store, and I booked it for myself. The store allows employees to do that during work hours, so it wasn’t a problem.

As I went back to the changing rooms, I saw that lady hysterically searching for an S. I’ll put the skirt back right after Christmas.



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