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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

45. Don’t Rub Your Grades In My Face


I’m in a high school that does both HS and middle school. I’m currently a freshman.

Last year, there was a boy in my class who I’ll call here “Ken.” Ken is good at math. He likes to rub it in my face.

Last year, Ken and I sat next to each other in homeroom, and he would taunt me about his superior math skills. He was also annoying and rude to me in general. Fast-forward to yesterday.

In US History, we had a big test on the American Revolution. US History is my best subject. I got an 90. He got a 64. (I heard him despondently telling a friend, I didn’t peek at his grade sheet or anything).

I have Social Studies first period, so many people ask me for test tips or if it’s true that the test is really hard. This is what I tell them. “It is! (Ken) even got a 64! You should really study hard, don’t want to end up like him!”

I even go to the popular girls’ table and tell them all exactly how Ken scored. And thus concludes my petty revenge on an academically annoying student.



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