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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

31. I Shut Off My Cheating Husband’s Phone


After dealing with my husband cheating on me and loudly disrespecting me for 2 years, I finally left him 4 months ago. He assumed no responsibility for the marital bills, and I had to sell the house and his truck by myself.

When I left him, there was also a $400 phone bill in both of our names. I ended up just paying the overdue bill a few months ago under the stipulation that my ex-husband gives me $200 for his share. He did give me $90, but then he laughed at me for expecting him to pay me the other $110, stating that he doesn’t owe me anything.

About a week ago, I went into the store of my current cell phone provider and learned that I am paying twice as much as I should be paying for phone service because I am still being charged $40/month for my ex-husband’s phone. (There’s still $800+ owed on it)

I learned that the remaining balance was not transferred over when he switched his phone number to his own account because he failed to sign the required paperwork.

I explained the situation to my ex-husband, and he was more than willing to join a conference call with me and customer service to get the remaining balance transferred to his own account- we had spent approximately 20 minutes on the phone before my ex-husband told the customer service woman that he is making payments on his own phone through his own account, that he doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about and that whatever I have called to inquire about it is clearly not even his business- then he hung up.

So today, I spoke with customer service again and learned that I technically own my ex-husband’s phone since it is in my name. So I made a police report, I reported the phone as stolen and it is now flagged and shut off.



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