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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

30. Wanna Be a Karen? Fine, I’ll Waste Your Time


So at my old job, where I was a secretary at a country club, this lady came up to the service desk. She was clearly pissed about something before she spoke, so I braced myself. She said she had opened up a new bank account and closed the other, so she needed to give us the updated bank account info.

I looked her up in our system and saw she is 3 months late on the automatic withdrawal payments and so had 3 months of late fees. I told her, and she lost her mind. She screamed so loud all eyes in the lobby were on us, with everyone looking at her in either shock, amusement, or disgust.

The late fees amounted to $450, and she demanded they be removed. Now, if she had simply asked nicely, I would have told her I can ask my manager if the fees could be removed. But instead, she called me a bitch and a cunt multiple times and called me a thief, insisting I was making up the late fees so I could pocket her money.

Whining about how she would need to wait a week to buy some purse if she paid it now. So after she calmed down a little, I told her I’ll start the process to remove the fees and started typing really fast and loud.

In reality, I did a series of free typing tests online. 85 words per minute was my top score, not too bad huh? 5 minutes go by, 10 minutes, 15, 20. At the 30 minute mark, she yells forget it and hands me her debit card to pay the fees.



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