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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

29. Jump The Queue, Ok Then, You Can Still Wait


Lunchtime, at the supermarket. This guy literally pushed his girl in front of me and pointed at a till, saying, “Look, use that one.”

This happened right next to me whilst I was trying to tell a paramedic ahead of us that there was a free till for her. Said excuse me because there obviously is room for errors, he could have just said sorry and moved on, but no.

He doubled down and said, “I did not see you”, what are you talking about? He brushed past as he passed me – this means he was lying (or legally blind). I said to him, “Well, in that case, you’re an idiot,” then scanned my mayonnaise on his till.

I followed up with, “Now you can wait.” At this point, irony decided was that the till adjacent to them should be available, so I started scanning. Then this guy seriously turned to me and said, “Why would you do that, don’t you think it’s petty.”

I put my stuff down, turned to him, and said, “I do, but now you will have to wait like you should have done; will that be a problem?”

Sadly, not much was said after that, but I enjoyed my petty moment, which caused a minor inconvenience, and definitely riled him up ahead of his afternoon.

For clarity, I didn’t care much about me because I am a troll, but damn, allow the emergency service staff you complete and utter insolent wank sock, also, don’t act dumb!



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