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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

26. The Pen Thief


Dad is a principal at a school and has been for a long time… One day, some lady arrives and expresses an interest in enrolling her son. Principal Dad is speaking with her, gets her some forms to fill out, even offers her his special pen. The pen is a nice stainless steel job that was given to every member of the executive staff on the school’s 25th anniversary.

Anyway, the lady and her son fill out the paperwork and go on their way, at which point Dad realizes his pen has also left. Clearly, the pen wasn’t a gift; it was obviously more expensive than a plastic hotel pen.

Fast forward to the next week when the lady arrives to drop her son off for his first day at the school. Principal Dad waits for Mrs. Pen Thief and gives her the Emergency Contact Form to fill out.

Normally this is given to the kid to fill out, but Dad was hoping to see the pen again. Sure enough, this silly lady forgets where she stole the pen from, and out comes the 25th Anniversary Pen to fill out the form… “And now I just need to sign it here,” says Principal Dad, patting down his pockets as if looking for a pen.

Instinctively Mrs. Pen Thief reaches into her handbag and offers him The Pen. “Thanks,” he said as he signs on the bottom of the form… and puts the pen back in his own shirt pocket right in front of her.

Mrs. Pen Thief looks confused, opens her mouth, realizes what has happened, and quickly closes her mouth again. She mumbles a thanks and scurries out the door. I believe he still has the pen to this day.



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