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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

22. A Friend Kicked Me Out


A close friend took me in because we agreed to split the rent. I just moved to Berlin to start my masters. She stole my tobacco, and when I called her out, she escalated irrationally. She kicked me out for the following month for someone who would pay more.

I had noticed so many red flags when I arrived. I had paid rent for the month, so there’s nothing she could do. She basically threw me out in a foreign city with a housing crisis. She took the building and apartment key, so I was basically imprisoned at home the whole time and went to her boyfriend’s and claimed she must have lost it (plain lie I have proof).

The dumb ass forgot the key to the room door inside the lock. So on my way out, guess who locked the room and lost the key as well?

Oh, I might have forgotten the heater on, and she’ll only be back in a week because I had gotten her a REALLY good-paying job in another city for this period.



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