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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

21. You Get What You Pay For


Back in college, I used to write papers on the side. I charged $50 a pop. I wrote the paper, they paid me then I gave it to them. This one chick needed me to write a quick research essay due in a week. No problem.

She gave me the paper she had started, so I could match writing styles. And we went our separate ways.

Over the week, she kept asking for the price to be dropped. She was a friend, and I’m a nice person. No problem. $30. Then $20. Fine. Easy 3-page paper. It’s cool.

She tells a buddy of ours that she wasn’t going to pay my dumb ass at all but was going to fake a ‘running late, I’ll pay you after class’ deal so I’d give her the paper.

Now, I’m not one to believe a rumor, but this is a source of income for me. So I wrote a 2nd paper just in case. Sure enough, the next morning, two minutes before class, she comes running into class and is all, ‘I’ll pay you after.’ So I handed her the second paper.

First page and the work cited page was 100%. 2nd and 3rd page? Sheer gibberish of paragraphs clearly lifted out of random Internet sites that I so helpfully added a work cited page with the links to the sites I lifted them from. You get what you pay for.



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