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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

16. Bank Account Revenge


I was in a long-term relationship that went south. My ex was a manipulative narcissist who did everything he could to screw me over financially and gaslight me when we split up and moved to our own places. He had an eviction under his name, so our apartment lease and utilities were all under my name.

For the last month we lived together, he pocketed the utility money and didn’t pay the utilities, so when I got my own place, I had to pay off the past due amounts.

Meanwhile, I had removed him as an authorized user from my bank accounts and told him to do the same with his accounts because I didn’t want a single financial link between us remaining.

Coincidentally, I lost my debit card after moving out on my own, and when I went to the bank to get a new one issued, discovered he had not removed my name as an authorized user from his bank account.

He only had about $35 to his name, but I transferred his last $35 to my account and closed his account. All above board and legal. It didn’t begin to cover what he owed me, but when he called to tell me what an awful person I was because he had multiple checks bounced and his direct deposit was in limbo, it made the debt all worth it.



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