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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

15. Drink My Coffee? Enjoy Gagging On A Vile Cocktail


My routine to get coffee is usually like this: I take my water bottle and fill it up. Get a cup of coffee. I prepare it by adding one spoon of sugar, one shot of black coffee (which is basically an espresso shot), and then a cup full of ‘strong coffee’ setting. Perfect for how I like it.

I bring the coffee and my bottle to my desk and then go off to pee. That way, the sugar dissolves, and the coffee cools a bit too.

I have a colleague who has also become a close friend. He has started this annoying thing of taking a sip from my coffee. He doesn’t like coffee, doesn’t drink it, a tea guy through and through.

When I come back from the washroom, he’ll grin at me and then take a sip. He only does it to annoy me, and it works. Well, today, I put the sugar, put two shots of espresso, and then used the ‘strong tea’ setting on the coffee/tea machine.

Presenting to you a real cocktail from taste hell. I kept the cup of vile liquid on my desk and went to pee. As I come back, my colleague grins at me, picks up the cup, takes a sip, and spews it out. It was glorious. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson.



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