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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

118. Cheating Ex Doesn’t Care About Ants In The House


This happened a few months ago. I was living with my then-boyfriend, as I had been for several months. He’d made plenty of promises to be home at certain times for plans and then would change his plans and not tell me, so I’d just be expecting him there and have to call to figure out what happened. He swore it was work so I tried to be understanding. He promised to fix things around the house, including spraying insecticide because I had noticed ants.

I seriously hate ants due to an incident when I was younger that I can’t explain because he’d know this was written by me.

He always wears shoes inside because his dogs pee everywhere since they have medical issues he can’t afford to treat, and it’s a really old place that doesn’t have ceiling lights and is entirely carpeted, so he was mostly oblivious to the ants, but it was already bad. He also kept saying that ants will go away on their own eventually and to just let it go.

When I realized he was cheating, I gave him notice that I was moving out, which resulted in him initially denying it, then becoming angry, then blaming me, then crying and begging for forgiveness. I’ve never been less attracted to someone than at that moment, and I was just angry that the only reason he was not keeping promises is because he cared more about getting laid.

So, I made 5 gal of sugar water, which I sprayed over every single inch of carpet, upholstery, bedding, under furniture, in drawers, under major appliances, on the walls, the ceiling. Every crevice imaginable.

I thought I’d never get to know the outcome, but I saw a few different pest control vehicles along the curb over the past couple of months, which was already satisfying because he is a major DIYer.

Side note, I pass his place on my way to work, I’m not a stalker, it’s just the fastest route. Then I saw a moving vehicle for him and a for sale sign. Absolutely no regrets.



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