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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

112. I Got Revenge On My Wife


My wife hijacked(not hacked) my Facebook when I left myself logged in. She posted a bunch of “I love Justin Beiber” pictures and stuff. The next time she left her Facebook logged-in, I left her a subtle message not to mess with me.

Of course, she comes across my computer, still logged in, and decides to have a little more fun. Posts something else about how I supposedly have a strong affection for the ‘Biebs. Bad move.

The next day I find her account still logged in. I changed her relationship status to “single.” I changed her employer to a well-known local strip club. I made several other devious alterations to her profile and then changed her language preference to German to delay her ability to reverse the changes I made.

The angry phone call I received while at work was amazing. She cursed me for what I did, followed by her admission that she deserved it and it was beyond escalation. She proposed a truce, which I accepted, and I walked into my office the next day a hero (since everyone followed the “feud”).



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