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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

108. I Taught My Boss A Lesson


I made my old boss think I gave him herpes…I worked in an icky factory for a while, and my boss was mean. He would fire people for no reason, then go home and beat your wife kind of person. He was also untouchable due to his uncle owning the company. He would come down to the floor while we were on break to check our work, and he would use my gloves to do it. Made us buy our own gloves, I bought really nice comfy ones.

Thought this was extremely nasty (it was the middle of summer) and asked him to stop, he just shrugged. After about three happenings, I got an idea. I grabbed an old pair of gloves, a poison ivy leaf, and a hammer. Put the poison ivy in the glove and pounded away. Kept the gloves in a bag in my lunchbox till I went to lunch.

Sure enough, left the poison gloves out, and he used them. I came back, and sure enough, he used them.

Two hours later, he came out to my machine, itching like crazy and with red bumps all over his hands. Came right up to me, let me see your hands! I showed him my hands, he showed me his. “You didn’t use my gloves, did you, I got some terrible rash on my hands from some slut at the strip club last week!”

No words, no looks, he just left. He left work, went to the dr, and I hope told that exact story.



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