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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

107. He’s Banned For Life


This man, I see him at the gym all the time, he has never bothered me until yesterday. I see him constantly stopping people and talking to them. So I’m in the sauna, and it’s a coed sauna, I’m in there with men/women all the time sometimes we don’t talk, and sometimes we have pleasant conversations.

Yesterday was a different story it was me and one other woman and the man who I see all the time. He is not just talking but yelling, talking to the woman nonstop, talking about his 450K house he just bought, and going on and on and on about himself.

The woman barely got in a word rather than “yes”’”mhhm” She left, and I thought to myself, I’m so happy she’s gone so he can be quiet. He turns to me, and he says, “SO how YOU doin today?” I say, “ I’m trying to relax right now,” he says, “Oh do you mean you want me to shut up?”

“All I did was ask how you were doing?” “It seems like you just don’t want to talk to me,” I say nothing. He is huffing and puffing, and before he walks out, he goes, “You b-word” I say, “You cannot cuss at me and make me feel uncomfortable in the sauna I’m telling on you.”

He goes, “I didn’t cuss at you!” I go to the front desk and tell them they are apologetic. They have the lifeguard look for him, and they can’t find him. I tell them I have work soon and need to get ready I shower and I’m leaving the lady at the front desk stops me to tell me that they can’t find him, he hasn’t left, and they think he’s hiding somewhere in the pool room.

Moral of the story they called me this morning and told me he is banned for life. Now I’m on my way to the gym and going to the sauna!



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