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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

105. I Remembered His Blog


A decade ago, I was working behind the bar I own one night, a Sunday night which meant a mandatory midnight close in my city.

We did the last call at 11:30 and made sure anyone who need a drink had one. A rather drunk fellow ignored me when I asked if he needed anything, so I closed him out.

At midnight as the lights go up and the music dies, he turned to me and asked for one more beer. I said no, we are now closed. This dude lost his mind. Started shouting at me about the bad service and how dare I deny him a drink. This happened sometimes with a mandatory midnight closure.

As he was leaving, he stopped and shouted at me: “I have a blog with thousands of readers, and this is IT for this bar. I am going to review it so badly this place will be closed in a week. I hope you like being jobless.” And he left. And, to his credit, he didn’t come back for years.

I’d often see him in the neighborhood, usually very drunk late at night, but he didn’t come back to my bar. Needless to say, the bar has not closed due to a bad review in a blog.

In fact, we’ve really thrived over the last decade, and we handled COVID well while surviving the lockdown, and business has been booming.

A couple of weeks ago, the guy came back into the bar and sat down, and ordered a beer from me. I served him, he paid, I asked how he’s been, and how his blog is going. He looked at me like I was crazy. “I haven’t had a blog in years. Did you use to read it?”

“No,” I told him, “I mean, I assumed no one read it because otherwise, I’m sure we would have been forced to close due to bad service.” As I walked away, it was really clear he had no idea what I was referencing, but man, it felt good to mock him to his face.



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