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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

104. I Got To Be Nice And Petty At Once


This happened many years ago, but I heard the theme song from the movie just now, and the memory came flooding back. I had gone to see a popular movie by myself, got to the theater in plenty of time, and sat down.

Theater starts to fill up, and soon the only available seats are single seats here and there, including the one next to me. I notice a man, one row ahead of me, that has an empty seat on either side if him, as well as the seat in front of him, so yes, he had a prime seat.

A couple comes in, and they start looking for two seats together. They notice the man in the row in front of mine and his empty seats on either side and politely ask if he would move one seat over so they could sit together. He refused. This rubbed me the wrong way. Granted, I would have hated to lose the luxury of empty seats around me in a crowded theater too, but if I only paid for one seat, I’m only entitled to one seat.

So I asked the couple if they would like my seat and the empty seat next to mine, and I would move to a single empty seat. A couple gratefully accepted, and I moved to the seat in front of the entitled patron. I got to be nice (to the couple) and petty in the same action, not bad!



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