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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

102. Jonathan


Throughout my time in my 1st and 2nd-grade classes in school, there was a classmate named Jonathan who would torture…me daily. From name-calling, pushing me, and ridiculing me in front of other classmates. This boy was an absolute nightmare.

It all came to a head one day when we’re sitting across from each other at some tables and he asks to see my hand. I hold out my hand on the desk, and he proceeds to slam a pencil into my thumb. (Leaving a permanent mark I have to this day). This incident was reported but he was only “spoken to”. The bullying still continued.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I’m walking throughout the school playground during recess. Being the dumb kid I was, I wasn’t particularly watching where I was going and walked straight into some monkey bars. The force was enough to topple me backwards and flat onto my but.

Humiliated, I looked around and was thankful that no one witnessed this happen. Once recess was over, and I was back in class, the teacher gasped and asked what happened to my face.

There was a gigantic bruising/black eye forming on my eye. Without hesitation, I blurted out, “Jonathan punched me!” He yelled out that he didn’t, but I quickly had a rebuttal. “How else would I have got this?” He was suspended for a week. He never messed with me again.



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