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People Around the World Share Satisfying Stories of Petty Revenge

99. Always Lock Your Phone


Was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. My backpack exploded, and stuff was thrown everywhere. Witnesses helped me gather everything, and the police showed up. Someone took a bunch of pictures of the scene on their phone while EMS and police did their thing.

Not a bad accident, only bumps, and scrapes. The bike was totaled, though. When they asked for my phone number so they could text the pics to me, I realized I didn’t have my phone.

In fact, it was nowhere. I call my wife (using a witness’s phone), and she is hysterical. Someone stole my phone and was texting her saying: “I found this guy’s phone at a car accident, and he has a lot of calls and texts to you, so I’m trying to get his phone back to him, but I need $50. Looks like he buys a lot of stuff on Amazon, so he can afford $50. YOLO.”

Now I was at the accident site for over an hour, and these texts were all sent during this time. So after calming my wife down, we play along and find that the girl who is extorting me for my phone works at some burger place downtown. She gave us the address and said I can come in to make the exchange.

Yeah, I showed up with the police, who responded to the accident. The girl was furious, yelling about how she deserves a reward for finding my phone, etc. I pressed charges but eventually dropped them when I found out that she was fired for her conduct. Also, I now lock my phone.



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