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People Are Sharing The Worst Things They’ve Ever Done Anonymously

“I lied in court and pinned my crime on my friend. We both did it, but I convinced the court it was just him. This will be the worst thing I will ever do in my life.” -Reddit user 8-D_tation

“A less-than-popular boy tried to ask me out in junior high, and I made him feel dumb about it in front of the other “cool kids.” I feel so bad about that since I know it’s hard for guys of that age to even get up the nerve to ask a girl out. I feel so awful for making him feel dumb in front of everyone.” -Reddit user waldentwo

“Stole about 50 pumpkins around Halloween time and put them all on a friend’s lawn. Seems innocent, but many had children’s drawings on them.” -Reddit user btits

“When I was six, I paid two older boys (with certs mints) to beat up a handicapped kid who was picking on me. I feel bad about it, but you can’t let a handicapped kid pick on you.” -Reddit user tschris

“Thrown my cousin’s engagement ring (extremely expensive piece) from the balcony – no one saw me, and I watched her cry and search for that ring throughout the day. I was 12, and I did it because I hated her for being so pretty and rich. Still haven’t fessed up. Doubt I ever will.” -Reddit user muffinmania

“A while back, I was stopped at a red light, first in line. It had been raining a lot that day, and there was a GIANT puddle across the intersection on the shoulder. Standing right next to the puddle were an old man and his dog. It was too perfect. When the light turned green, I obliterated them.” -Reddit user DSOTM

“I stole a donation bucket from a grocery store after 9/11. Got over 100 bucks.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Slept with a coworker that I supervised. She was married to a cop at the time. Kept an ongoing relationship with her while taking booty calls from two different ex-girlfriends. Dumped her when she wanted the relationship to go further and asked me to move in with her. I was a very bad boy back in those days.” -Reddit user reg-o-matic

“I, and a few others, intentionally destroyed a relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend for (misguided) revenge. They hate each other and have no idea they got played. Turned out that we got played too.” -Reddit user UnintentionalBastard

“I once hit a car in a parking lot and drove away. I felt horrible about it for the whole weekend and donated $10 to what I thought was a homeless charity to make up for it. Turns out it was really a right-wing Christian “Charity,” and I proceeded to feel even worse.” -Reddit user third0eye0pryed

“$1600 magically appeared in my bank account, and I spent it all before the bank could do anything. I believe someone got the wrong account number or something, I don’t care.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Currently having multiple affairs on my SO. Also, the other women also believe that I am exclusively having an affair with them. There’s no way they’d still see me on the side if they knew it wasn’t exclusive (which is ironic).” -Reddit user chtrchtr_pussyeater

“When I was 6, I pushed a mentally handicapped girl down to the ground because she was being mean to my baby cousin. She started crying, and I can still see the image in my head vividly.” -Reddit user ronfrommarketing

“When I was about 16, I thought it would be fun to break into people’s cars and steal things. I never actually stole anything because I would always get too afraid to actually go through with it, but still, the idea that I thought it was alright to do this sickens me to this day.”
-Reddit user 

“Cheated on my wife for three years. Only took a break when she was pregnant but started up again after she had the baby. Left my wife, moved in with the girl I was cheating with only to break up 10 months later.” -Reddit user mine_dog_has_no_nose


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